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Oimoen Hill

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Oimoen Hill Ski Jump:

K-Point: 60 m
Men Winter Hill record: 65.8 m (216 ft) (Casper Oimoen USA, 1937-01-24)
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Spectator capacity: 10,000
Year of construction: 1934
Operating until: 1938
Status: destroyed
Ski club: Anaconda Ski Club
Coordinates: 46.114986, -112.968164 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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In 1934 Casper Oimoen was brought to Anaconda by Anaconda Copper Mining (ACM) company's executive, Bill Wraith, who saw him during ski jumping competition at Chicago Fair. Oimoen started to work as a mason at the ACM plant which got him a long-term employment and constant funding. His goal apart from work at ACM was also to establish a ski hill in Anaconda.
Shortly after coming to town, Oimoen helped to establish a new sports club: Anaconda Ski Club, in which also Wraith had served. During that year they organized 5000$ worth construction works to create a 60-meter ski jump on a hill, which later was named Oimoen Hill for Casper's work.
With help of changed rules (in 1934 professional category in US Ski Jumping events was disbanded and former professional athletes started to compete as amateurs), Anaconda saw many famous American ski jumpers during opening event at Oimoen Hill - among them Alf and Sverre Engen, Einar Fredbro and Utah skiers. First annual Winter Sports Carnival was held from 13th to 20th January 1935 with a parade from Montana Hotel to the hill and a spectacular opening ceremony with fireworks. Ski jumping events were held every day that week and Casper Oimon was the final winner of the competition.
In the summer of 1935 Casper Oimoen, Bill Wraith and Sven Ramsey found a new place to built a new ski area for ski jumping, slalom and downhill skiing at a place, which later was named Wraith Hill, but until 1938 Oimoen Hill was Anaconda's main place for ski jumping. Although ski jumping events were held on Oimoen Hill not often, as the place didn't had natural snow. It was necessary to get there as many as 125 truckloads (around 700 tons) of snow from other mountains. Also spreading that snow on the steep hill wasn't easy and a lot work was put to make Oimoen Hill ready for ski jumping.
The final big competition on Oimoen Hill was held on January 30th 1938 as Jimmy Hendrickson won Winter Carinval's Jumping Tournament. In the summer of 1938, a completely new ski jumping complex was built on Wraith Hill, which took over Oimoen Hill's primary position. Unfortunately, in 1939 ski jumping era at Anaconda had ended as Casper Oimoen broke his leg at first and only big ski jumping competition held on Wraith Hill which ended his career and shortly after Bill Wraith had left Anaconda city as he moved to another work in ACM company.

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