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Dr.-Goepel-Schanze am Stabhammer:

K-Point: 50 m
Men Winter Hill record: 54.0 m (Herbert Queck DDR)
Year of construction: 1931
Coordinates: 50.440000, 12.574444 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

Pionierschanze X. Weltfestspiele:

K-Point: 28 m
Men Winter Hill record: 34.0 m (Kerst Rölz DDR)
Year of construction: 1973
Coordinates: 50.436056, 12.580819 Google Maps OpenStreetMap


K-Point: 20 m
Men Winter Hill record: 27.0 m
Year of construction: 1913

Dr.-Goepel-Schanze am Stabhammer:

K-Point: 20 m
Year of construction: 1957

Schanze am Büttnerberg:

K-Point: 16 m
Men Winter Hill record: 16.0 m
Year of construction: 1934


K-Point: 15 m
Year of construction: 1913
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Status: destroyed
Ski club: SC / BSG Aufbau Carlsfeld
Coordinates: 50.435268, 12.585948 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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With the construction of the narrow- gauge railway from Wilkau-Haßlau to Carlsfeld in the year of 1897, skiing sports was developing slowly with a growing stream of tourists and it is know that already in 1900 120 participants took part in the Great Carlsfeld Ski Race in different skiing disciplines, such as “ski jump racing”.
Since it was necessary for a winter sports residence to have a large ski jumping hill, on February 7, 1913 at Hirschkopf the first real ski jumping hill of Carlsfeld with natural inrun and wooden take-off was opened and even jumpers from Bavaria, Austria, Norway and Sweden participated. At that time 10,000 spectators shall have come to the event. On this jump many well-attended competitions were hosted in 1920’s. Sportsmen from Carlsfeld then also took part in many tournaments in Erz Mountains and became a considerable ski jumping concurrency.
With the district championships in 1929 the ski jump at Teichhäusel not far from the water supply dam was opened, but soon pointed out being too small. Then in 1931 at Stabhammer a new ski jumping hill was constructed in order to fulfil international standards. On 1931-12-27 the bandoneon manufacturer and ski club chairman at that time Arnold inaugurated the jump with a great festival on the name “Dr.-Göpel-Schanze” – who was a merited ski pioneer at Carlsfeld before and after World War I. But in the following years the expected international competitions could not be held and so the youngsters practised mainly on Büttnerschanze in 1930’s, which was situated directly inside the town.
After 1945 it took just as everywhere some years reorganize the sports clubs and so only in early 1950’s the first competitions were held, organized by newly founded BSG Aufbau Carlsfeld. The smaller still jumpable hill at Stabhammer then was very often used for youth competitions on district area. In 1973 the pioneer jump “X. Weltfestspiele” near Friedrich’s Mill was built on which children and teenagers still were ski jumping until 1990, since the Ski Club Carlsfeld has been focusing on cross-country and alpine skiing.

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