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Scaffold Jump:

K-Point: 35 m
Further jumps: K28, K18
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1928
Conversions: 1936 & 1964
Status: destroyed
Ski club: Rockford Ski Club

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Rockford Ski Club constructed a small ski jump at Kishwaukee River in the end 1920’s. In a spectacular movement, the steel-made inrun tower of the ski jump of Ogden Dunes, Indiana was dismantled in 1936 and then moved to Rockford. On this 50 meter hill even the US national ski jumping team practised and in 1940’s it was one of the most visited jumps worldwide. The same procedure was then repeated once again in 1950, when the tower was sold from Rockford to Eau Claire and set up again at Hendrickson Hill. Only in 1964 the ski jumping facility was revived and two smaller ski jumps with wooden inrun towers were constructed.
Remarkable is the fact that already four generations of the US ski jumping family Daggett jumped over the steel bakken, wherever it was set up in these times.

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3)   Bob Anderson   wrote on 2018-02-18 at 03:36:

My Dad was a ski flyer in Rockford Ski Club

I remember watching events when I was a kid. Also went down side of hill on a sled a few times. From what my Dad told me, the last jump was not destroyed but moved to a hill near Copper Peak UP Michigan. We actually drove by it around 1977 where he and Carl Lee pointed to the hill it was located.

2)   Chuck   wrote on 2017-10-06 at 22:53:

Ski Family

One of my earliest memories was of watching my father jumping at Rockford. If I remember correctly it would have been in the winter of 1968/69. I remember vividly asking my mom "where did he go?" as we would lose sight of him coming down the in run and reappear in the air over the landing hill. Quite a thrill as a young boy.

1)   Jean   wrote on 2016-02-27 at 17:11:

Rockford Ski Club history

I would like to know the history of when the club was started and who was in it in the 1900-1915 period. My grandfather is in a photograph around 1910 and it is titled "Rockford Ski Club". The family story is that he was an active member of the club. Any information? His name is Wally Hansen.

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