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K-Point: 75 m
Men Winter Hill record: 77.5 m (Vegard Opås NOR, 1983)
Plastic matting: no
K-Point: 50 m
Men Winter Hill record: 50.5 m (Dennis Edvardsson SWE, 2006-02-18)
Further jumps: K40, K5
Plastic matting: no
K-Point: 30 m
Further jumps: K15
Plastic matting: yes
Year of construction: 1982
Conversions: 1997

Holmenbacken (Tutstadholmen):

K-Point: 60 m
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1938
Conversions: 1945
Operating until: 1950
Status: destroyed
Further jumps: no
Year of construction: 1955
Conversions: 1973, 1982, 1990, 1995
Status: out of order
Ski club: Sysslebäcks IF, Sysslebäcks BK
Coordinates: 60.734791, 12.841215 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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In early 1930's Sysslebäcks IF started organizing the first ski jumping competitions. The first larger ski jumping hill was then built at Tutstadholmen in 1938. With a record distance of 62.5 meters Holmenbacken was among the largest ski jumping hills of Sweden in 1946, just like Ambjörbybacken (57 m), which was located around 30 km apart. Later the record was even improved on 64 m, but with the construction and completion of Tåsan power station and barrage in 1947-1953 Holmenbacken could not be used anymore.
Sysslebäcksbacken was built in 1955 and located a bit further north. In this period there was a number of succesful ski jumpers at Sysslebäcks IF, but already in 1964 the club was dissolved. Seven years later Sysslebäcks BK took over the ski jumping hills and in 1982 they were completely modernized and the junior hills K30 and K15 built.
Nowadays the ski jumps are hardly used anymore, although the junior hills were covered with plastic mattings in 1997. The last main competition were the Swedish Championships in 2002.

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Hill records K75 (Men):

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2)   Andreas   wrote on 2015-04-07 at 13:34:

Guck ich im Sommer mal nach :-) K3-4 würde ich vermuten!

1)   Emu   wrote on 2015-02-09 at 10:19:

Es gibt hier offensichtlich noch eine Schanze - eine zwergkleine, rechts von der Normalschanze. Kennt vielleicht jemand den K-Punkt?

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