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Tramplin Kavgolovo:

K-Point: 88 m
Men Winter Hill record: 93.5 m (Fred Børre Lundberg NOR, 1990-02-10, NC-WC)
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1959
Status: out of order
K-Point: 65 m
Men Winter Hill record: 75.5 m (Erkin Allamuratov RUS, 2018-02-25)
Men Summer Hill record: 75.0 m (Aleksandr Marchukov RUS, 2015-08-02)
Women Winter Hill record: 64.0 m (Sofia Tikhonova RUS, 2013-02-24)
Women Summer Hill record: 77.0 m (Anna Shpyneva RUS, 2018-08-11)
Year of construction: 1995
Conversions: 2012
Further jumps: K40, K28, K10
Plastic matting: yes
Conversions: 2011-2012
Status: operating
Ski club: Sdyusshor
Coordinates: 60.165138, 30.549353 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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Already at the beginning of the 20th century there were ski jumpers in the area of St. Petersburg, although the Russian jumpers were not as good as the Scandinavians. In 1937 the first ski jump at Toksovo was standing at Pontusow hill. Still today the ruins of the former steel inrun construction can be seen.
The large K88 at Toksovo was built in 1958 and was at that time the largest ski jump of Europe and the fourth largest of the world. At the same time a training centre was added near to the ski jumping hill with the name “Kavgolovo ski jump”, it was named after a lake situated nearby. There the best ski jumpers of Russia practised and the centre also served for the hosting and preparation of national teams. In the 1970’s and 80’s some World Cup competitions of Nordic Combined took place there, but since 1992 the outdated jump has no more been used. Although the official record is only 93,5 m, at trainings there have been jumps on nearly 100 m.
In 1995 the K64,5 hill with plastic covering was constructed and has been serving for training and national competitions. At the same time both other practising jumps were built.
In 2007 an additional K40 was constructed at the modernizations of K64.5 and K26 (K28) have started. The normal hill K88 should be made ready for competitions and renovated in 2008. The landing hill of K65 was finally modernized in fall 2012.

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Hill records K65 (Men):

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Hill records K65 (Women):

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