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K-Point: 55 m
Men Winter Hill record: 58.5 m (Arne Ellingsen NOR, 1950)
Women Winter Hill record: 34.5 m (Hilda Braskerud NOR, 1934)
Year of construction: 1921
Conversions: 1945-1946
Operating until: 1951
Year of destruction: 1952
K55 (1921-1952)K40 (1899-1905)

Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Spectator capacity: 10,000
Status: destroyed
Ski club: Drammen Ski Club, Strømsgodset IL
Coordinates: 59.731500, 10.119940 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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Hard to believe, but true: Even most of the inhabitants of Drammen's district Konnerud do not know too much about the ski jump there. An obvious reason for that is, the first ski jump was built and opened in 1899 with a competition, where 93 jumpers participated. Due to the fact, that the area was full of landmines, it had to be closed already in 1905. It was simply too dangerous to jump there.
But the club Strømsgodset IL (SIF) knew the location was a proper one for having a ski jumping hill. And so in 1922, a new era of ski jumping in Drammen begun, as a new ski jumping hill was built. The first competition there took place in 1924. In that year, also the first remarkable hill record was noted. In 1925, the Norwegian National Championships should have taken place on the new Konnerudkollen, but had to be moved to Trondheim due to a lack of snow.
In contrast to that, 1926 was a far better year. Especially thanks to the well-known Hovedlandsrennet, which was visited by 10,000 spectators - including King Haakon. SIF was on another level regarding the organization of competitions and everything around them. The two brothers Einar Martinsen and Rolf Hagen invented the first type of distance markers, since they placed blackboards with numbers on them on side of the landing slope. So, distance measuring was easier and also the spectators could see how far the athletes actually were jumping. Having these opportunities, also the translation of distances into points was now possible. There was also a security concept, which included barricades for the streets the king was using during arrival and departure. Also the participation of women in competition was very special in that time, but Johanne Kolstad and also hill record holder Hilda Braskerud were two true pioneers of women's ski jumping.
During World War II, sports activities were pretty much standing still, also ski jumping. However, every now and then some fanatics came secretly (and illegally) together - for obvious reason with only a very few or sometimes even without spectators. But with Petter Haugsted and the both Ruud brothers Birger and Asbjørn a few well-known jumpers took part of that. But also the hill was suffering under the circumstances and was in a poor shape after the war ended.
SIF reshaped it again in the following years and so ski jumping in Drammen came back to life. At the end of the 1940's, many competitions took place. The peak point of that was Arne Ellingsen's hill record at the regional championships in 1950. After a successful Nordic event in 1951, the sportive part of the history of the hill was finished.
In 1952, the inrun tower collapsed under the mass of snow on it. In 1963, SIF tried an approach to build a new hill, but that never happened.

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Hill records K55 (Men):

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