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Hill Size: HS 140
K-Point: 120 m
Men Winter Hill record: 147.0 m (Anssi Koivuranta FIN, 2005-12-30, NC-WC)
Men Summer Hill record: 143.0 m (Tobias Bogner GER, 2006-10-08, N-GER)
Men Summer Official hill record: 140.0 m (Kamil Stoch POL, 2007-10-03, SGP)
Women Summer Hill record: 114.0 m (Juliane Seyfarth GER, 2015-07-15)
Tower height: 27 m
Inrun length: 92.7 m
Inrun angle: 38°
Take-off length: 6.41 m
Take-off angle: 11°
Take-off height: 3.15 m
Speed: 88.2 km/h
Landing angle: 35°
Hill certificate: Hill certificate
Conversions: 2000, 2013-2015
Coordinates: 50.696158, 10.680271 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
K120 (2000-...)K120 (1994-2000)K115 (1959-1994)


Hill Size: HS 100
K-Point: 90 m
Men Winter Hill record: 113.0 m (Louis Obersteiner AUT, 2023-03-12, OPA)
Men Summer Hill record: 108.5 m (Terence Weber GER, 2021-10-31, NC-N-GER)
Women Winter Hill record: 103.5 m (Nika Prevc SLO, 2022-01-16, OPA)
Women Winter Official hill record: 101.0 m (Urša Bogataj SLO, 2022-03-13, WC)
Women Summer Hill record: 100.5 m (Katharina Althaus GER, 2021-10-23, N-GER)
Tower height: 22 m
Inrun length: 88.16 m
Inrun angle: 35°
Take-off length: 6.5 m
Take-off angle: 11°
Take-off height: 2.1 m
Speed: 87.84 km/h
Landing angle: 35°
Hill certificate: Hill certificate
Conversions: 2013-2014
Coordinates: 50.696423, 10.680527 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
K90 (2013-...)K90 (1985-2013)

Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: yes
Status: operating
Ski club: WSV Oberhof 05
Coordinates: 50.696158, 10.680271 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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The Rennsteig-Schanze at Kanzlersgrund in Oberhof had once been the largest ski jump of the former GDR.
It was set up from 1959 to 1961, but it has to be concerned that some prisoners had to help by doing the soil works. The hill construction was initiated by a resolution of the GDR leaders who wanted to provide optimal training conditions for their athletes regarding the up-coming World Championships and Olympic Games. Remarkable are also the 27 meter high inrun tower and 7 story high judges' tower made from ferro-concrete, which are still in use today.
On 1962-01-09 Alfred Brettschneider from Zella-Mehlis was the first jumper on the 90 meter hill. The first official hill records where set up during the championships in 1964. Dieter Neuendorf and Dieter Bokeloh (both ASK Brotterode) jumped on 111.5 m. From 1965 until 1989 the "International Ski Games of Oberhof" were held every two years, attracting world elite atheltes to Rennsteig.
In summer 1979 the hill was covered with plastic mattings and improved. The first jump on the mattings on 97 m was made by Holger Greiner-Petter (Neuhaus/Suhl) on 1979-08-07, one day later Jochen Danneberg reached 110 m. In subsequent years an annual international summer competition was hosted.
The construction of the plastic covered 90 meter hill took from 1984 to 1987 and was meant as a replacement for out-dated Thüringenschanze at Wadeberg. It became the first hill to be equipped with an ceramic inrun trail for summer use and a ice track for winter-time. The K-Point of large hill was changed to 116 meters in 1986 as well.
The first ski jumping World Cup at Oberhof took place in front of an audience of 35,000 in 1989, but had to be moved from large to normal hill due to weather conditions. Further World Cups attended by up to 40,000 spectators were held at Kanzlersgrund in 1991, 1995 and 1998.
The landing hill and take-off of large hill were converted in 1994-95 and plastic mattings were renewed. One year later Summer Grand Prix made its first stop-over on the most modern matting hill of these days at Oberhof, further events were held in 2006 and 2007. In 1998 the large hill was named after the inventor of plastic mattings Hans Renner. But only one year later the hill certificate of the large hill was withdrawn by FIS, because its landing angle of 39.2° was too steep. The end of Hans-Renner-Schanze came close, but finally it was possible to finance the necesary 1.2m Euro and the wooden construction of the outrun could be adapted by summer 2000. Thereby jury distance increased from 133 to 140 meters. Since 2003 Rennsteig has been a regular host of Nordic Combined World Cups.
Since the ski jumps had been becoming unsafe over the last years, the modernization of the landing slope of large hill and complete renovation and enlargement of normal hill onto HS 100 were decided in November 2011. Conversion works started in spring 2013 and should have been completed by winter. Due to delays the conversion works on the ski jumping facility, which cost 12 million Euro in total, could only be completed by fall 2014. On October 13, 2014 Philipp Blaurock made the first jump on 101 meters on Rennsteig-Schanze, which is now equipped with a ceramic track. Hans-Renner-Schanze HS 140 was completed in July 2015 and inaugurated with a 114 meter jump by Juliane Seyfarth.

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Hill records K120 (Men):

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Hill records K90 (Men):

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Hill records K90 (Women):

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21)   Marco   wrote on 2023-03-12 at 22:23:

Schanzenrekord K90

Der Schanzenrekord von Martin Hamann ist nicht mehr aktuell! Es gibt Neue! Beim Alpencup am 12.03.23 sprang zuerst Stephan Embacher (AUT) 112,5 m, danach Louis Obersteiner (AUT) 113,0 m! Bitte um Änderung!

20)   Eberhard Jurgalski   wrote on 2022-03-13 at 13:46:

15.1.2022 103 m

Ist Repinc Zupancic am 15.1.2022 gestürzt, mit ihren 103 m war sie zu diesem Zeitpunkt Rekordhalterin. Bitte um Prüfung...

19)   X.   wrote on 2022-03-08 at 18:27:

Schanzenrekord beim Alpencup

Beim Alpencup im Januar wurde der Damen-Schanzenrekord gleich mehrmals überboten. Am weitesten sprang Nika Prevc mit 103,5 m.

18)   Marco   wrote on 2021-01-24 at 17:59:

Schanzenrekord Rennsteig-Schanze

Der alte Schanzenrekord der Herren auf der HS 100 ist geknackt worden! Gorazd Zavrsnik (1. DG) und Jernej Presecnik (2. DG), beide SLO, sprangen am gestrigen Samstag im Rahmen des Alpencups 106,5 m!

17)   Eberhard Jurgalski   wrote on 2021-01-24 at 15:47:

nika rekordsprung auf 100 m

Gestern sprang Nika Prevc 100 m!

15)   Hans Randen   wrote on 2018-05-20 at 11:47:

Training session

We are some skijump athletes from norway who are looking to you. We wonder about the both big hills are open for training in the periode from 19.06.18 - 24.06.18? In case of that, is the airport in Frankfurt the nearest to use?
We look forward to here from you:)
Best regards
Hans Randen

14)   Martin   wrote on 2013-05-02 at 08:27:

Neu-/Umbau Kanzlersgrund

in Oberhof haben die Abrissarbeiten begonnen.
Z.B. ist der Turm der K90 bereits fast vollständig zurückgebaut.

13)   wrote on 2013-03-26 at 19:51:


Die K90 soll modernisiert und von HS 96 auf HS 100 vergrößert werden, siehe auch letzter Absatz im Text. Genauere Planung liegt leider noch nicht vor.

12)   Freddi   wrote on 2013-03-26 at 18:18:

Jetzt im Sommer werden die Schanzen abgerissen bzw. neu profiliert?! Habe ich gerade zufällig bei rbb gesehen...

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