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von Schönberg-Schanze:

K-Point: 30 m
Men Winter Hill record: 32.0 m
Year of construction: 1933
Conversions: 1947

Jugendschanze an der Geyerischen Straße:

K-Point: 20 m
Men Winter Hill record: 21.5 m (R. Seidel DDR, 1952)
Year of construction: 1951
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Status: destroyed
Ski club: TV Niederzwönitz, BSG Motor Zwönitz
Coordinates: 50.630089, 12.812027 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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After conversations between the church chairman of Niederzwönitz and the baron Nicol von Schönberg the ski jumping enthusiastic sportsmen of the town Zwönitz in Erzgebirge were allowed to use the area at Schäferberg to construct a ski jumping hill. In cumber­some handwork and in only 20 weeks of time the ski jump with a 48 m long inrun trail was built up. The wooden tower of the inrun was 9 m tall and had an gradient of 25%. The takeoff, which was wooden, too, was 1.8 m high and 8 m long. In 1930’s many competitions took place on this on 1933-01-22 inaugurated jump named “von Schönberg-Schanze”, among also local, district and ski federational championships of Saxony. After the begin of World War II in 1939 the jump was not used until the end of the war and dilapidated. But already in 1947 the people of Niederzwönitz rebuilt the jump without inrun tower, but instead made landfills and in 1949 the first district championships of the district of Stollberg were hosted there.
In 1950 the people of Zwönitz assigned the community economy corporation of Zwickau to make a sketch for a 50 meter ski jumping hill at a new place between Brettmühle and great pond. But in order to realize jumps of more than 50 meters a 40 m high inrun tower would have been necessary, which would have surmounted Zwönitz. Finally the project failed due to financial reasons.
After that the works with axe and blade started again behind the tavern “Wartburg” at the road leading to Geyer in order to built a youth ski jump with K20. In February 1952 this jump was opened and R. Seidel from Zwönitz jumped a hill record of 21.5 m. Unfortunately was relatively far from the town, it wasn’t defined to last long and ended up in middle 1950’s.

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2)   St Schneider   wrote on 2014-07-17 at 20:50:

Sprungschanzen in Zwönitz

Sehr interessant, auch in den Einzelheiten!
Ein weiterer Grund für das Ende der Schanze der BSG "Motor" hinter der "Wartburg" ist, das die notwendige Überlassung des privaten Geländes (gehörte teilweise zum "Stadtgut")1953 mehr als unsicher war.
Gibt es auch Angaben zu der Schanze auf dem Ziegenberg? An deren Errichtung war doch die Fam. Michel (Stellmacherei Zwönitz) stark beteiligt.
Stefan Schneider Heimatforschung Zwönitz

1)   Hans Geißler   wrote on 2014-03-23 at 23:09:

Heimatforschung EZV Zwönitz

Ich bin auf dieser Schanze gesprungen und Schulmeister.
Mit Rolf Nebel, unseren Sportlehrer in Niederzwönitz, waren wir oft am Schäfenberg Skifahren.
Jetzt suche ich als Heimatforscher vieles aus dieser Zeit und habe selbst ein umfangreiches Fotoarchiv.
Schön von wenn man das hier lesen kann.

Hans Geißler
Jahrgang 1950

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