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Kurstadtschanze Helmut Recknagel:

Hill Size: HS 70
K-Point: 60 m
Men Summer Hill record: 72.0 m (Max Herbrechter GER, 2018-06-02)
Ladies Summer Hill record: 64.0 m (Anna Twardosz POL, 2015-11-08)
64.0 m (Paulina Cieślar POL, 2017-11-04)
Tower height: 38 m
Take-off angle: 10°
Landing angle: 31.8°
Year of construction: 2007


K-Point: 42 m
Men Summer Hill record: 45.5 m (Kamil Waluś POL, 2006-05-20)
45.5 m (Tomasz Byrt POL, 2006-05-20)
45.5 m (Mikołaj Wantulok POL, 2018-06-02)
Ladies Summer Hill record: 36.5 m (Alise Krasiļščikova LAT, 2016-10-29)
Tower height: 6 m
Landing angle: 35°
Year of construction: 2003
K-Point: 21 m
Men Summer Hill record: 22.0 m (Bartłomiej Marczak POL, 2013-10-26)
22.0 m (Kacper Jarząbek POL, 2016-06-11)
Ladies Summer Hill record: 20.0 m (Aelita Krasiļščikova LAT, 2018-06-02)
Year of construction: 2001
K-Point: 10 m
Men Summer Hill record: 11.5 m (Franz Weiß GER, 2004-10-23)
Ladies Summer Hill record: 10.0 m (Caroline Escher GER, 2004-10-07)
Year of construction: 2001

Alte Papengrundschanze:

K-Point: 35 m
Men Winter Hill record: 40.5 m (Birger Ruud NOR, 1936)
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1930
Status: destroyed
Further jumps: K4
Plastic matting: yes
Status: operating
Ski club: WSV 1923 Bad Freienwalde

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Bad Freienwalde is geographically the most north ski jumping centre of Germany. The old Papengrundschanze existed already since 1930 in different conversions until 1970, after that also winters with not enough snow were responsible for the dilapidation of the jump. The legendary Olympic Gold Medal Winner of 1936 Birger Ruud jumped 1936 a hill record of 40.5 m on this jump.
In the new millennium the realization of plans of a completely new ski jumping facility began. In 2001 the first two smaller ski jumps K10 and K21 were completed, in 2003 K42 followed in addition. Then in April 2007 the next step was made and the first dig for the new K60 was done in April 2007. The works on the 1.7m Euro expensive project were finished with the inauguration of the new ski jumping hill on August 23, 2008.
The construction of a ski jumping facility with a large and a normal hill ski jump and space for around 40.000 spectators is not planned anymore. In 2017, the K60 hill was named as "Kurstadtschanze Helmut Recknagel" and the ski jumping legend was even present. The inrun of the K60 hill with its porcelain inrun track was modernized in 2018.

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Hill records K60 (Men):

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Hill records K60 (Ladies):

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Hill records K42 (Men):

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Hill records K21 (Men):

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Hill records K21 (Ladies):

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Photo gallery:


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2)   kamil Oliver   wrote on 2016-06-13 at 11:22:

Hi mein name ist Oliver der Braunbär

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1)   Eberhard Jurgalski   wrote on 2016-06-04 at 15:18:

08.11.2015 11.06.2016

Werden hier Einladungsspringen nicht berücksichtigt? Wenn ja, warum? Nächsten Samstag findet das nächste auf dieser Schanze statt, das letzte im November ist hier gar nicht erwähnt, oder habe ich es nicht gefunden?

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