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K-Point: 58 m
Men Winter Hill record: 60.5 m (Norbert Mörtl AUT, 1985)
Tower height: 33 m
Further jumps: K28
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1966
Conversions: 1984, 1999
Operating until: ca. 2005
Status: destroyed
Ski club: Skizunft Velden
Coordinates: 46.613579, 14.029423 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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Already in 1926, Albert Bildstein founded the "Skizunft Velden" and first ski jumping competitions were organized in the following winter on a 25-meter hill in Duel named after him. At that time, ski jumpign was very popular around Wörthersee and many small hils were set up. Furthermore, in 1932 a 10-meter children hill was added, the "Helmut-Bildstein-Schanze".
In 1933, a larger 35-meter hill, Wörthersee-Schanze, or also called Holzbauer-Schanze, was built above today's tennis courts at "Waldarena". From January 1934 until Worl War II, competitions for the "blue ribbon" of Velden were held there.
After World War II, first a new ski jumping hill was set up at Lindner Moorwiese in 1949, which allowed jumps up to 30 meters. In 1952, at the site of former Holzbauer-Schanze a new ski jump was designed by Erich Kuich, on which distances up to 42 meters were reached.
From 1966 onwards, Union Velden built the new Marienhofschanze as a replacement of the old Bildstein-Schanze. It had a wooden inrun tower and allowed jumps up to 50 meters. However, the tower became rotten and had to be deconstructed in 1980. Then, in 1984 the ski jump was reconstructed as K60 with a steel inrun tower and beside it, a smaller jump was set up.
Only a bit more than 10 years later, the tower was dilapidated again and then renovated by SZ Velden in 1998-99 for around 200,000 Schillings. However, the ski jumps were not frequently used anymore and activities ended in mid 2000's. Around the same time, the small Hugo-Schwarz-Schanze was sometimes prepared during winters. It was located between Marienhofschanze and the indoor ice rink, but it was also given up in 2000's.
Meanwhile, SZ Velden is again very actively training young ski jumpers. Initiated by long-term international ski jumping judge Hannes Vouk from Velden, the construction of a new junior ski jumping center close to the location of the old Marienhofschanzen began in 2013. In summer 2016, the three ski jumping hills K25, K10 and K5 were also covered with innovative plastic mattings, which need less water for ski jumping.

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