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Stoughton Ski Slide:

K-Point: ca. 40 m
Men Winter Hill record: 43.0 m (141 ft) (Sigurd Hansen NOR, 1912-01-24)
Tower height: 38.7 m
Further jumps: K20
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1911
Year of destruction: 1914
Status: destroyed
Coordinates: 42.921867, -89.204617 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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The beginnings of ski jumping in Stoughton date back to the nineteenth century and are associated with the activity of Norwegian emigration, which at that time massively found its way to Wisconsin. In 1898 a competition was organized there on a hill near the academy where the best score of 143 feet in three jumps in total was made by John Sunby.
In 1910, the first plans were made to build a new structure that would even surpass that of Chippewa Falls. The facility, whose steel structure reached a height of 127 feet, was put into service on February 1, 1911, during the publicly announced opening competition with the country's best jumpers. The competition, watched by 6.5 thousand spectators, was won by Oscar Gunderson with jumps of 134 and 135 feet. The American record set in Chippewa Falls by the same jumper was just 4 feet away.
The following tournaments were attended by US champions and record holders: Anders Haugen (later Olympic medalist) and his brother Lars, one of the legendary ski jumping pioneers Torjus Hemmestvedt and Francis Kempe of German roots.
In the tournament on January 24, 1912, Sigurd Hanson (141 feet) set a new hill record in front of 3,500 spectators. Despite repeated attempts by excellent jumpers, no one improved this achievement. Even the reigning world record holder Ragnar Omtvedt did not succeed in an interstate competition, probably the last one on the Stoughton Ski Slide, held on February 28, 1914.
A few months later on May 11th a hurricane demolished the huge inrun tower structure and ended the short history of the spectacular ski jump.
According to the findings of Pryor Smith, who was researching the history of the Stoughton ski jump, the landing hill of the facility was located on a hill between the addresses 1315 and 1401 Skogdalen Drive. In the 1920s also a smaller hill was to be built nearby, about which little is known.

Source: "Stoughton Ski Jump". Stoughton Public Library

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Hill records K40 (Men):

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