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K-Point: 57 m
Men Winter Hill record: 66.0 m (Manuel Horath AUT)
Further jumps: K40
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1912
Year of destruction: 2005
Status: destroyed
Ski club: Skiclub Einsiedeln
Coordinates: 47.126011, 8.764837 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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In 1912 the first construction of a ski jumping hill at Fry­her­renberg took place, because the Swiss ski championships of 1913 were given to Einsiedeln. But these had to be cancelled due to a lack of snow and so the first jumps on the hill could be made one year later. The most important information concerning reconstructions is listed here:

1924:Construction for the first ski days of Einsiedeln
1931-1933:Enlargement for jump distances of 50 m, later even 60 m
1940:Destruction of inrun tower by Swiss army
1946:Reopening of the ski jumping hill for the First Einsiedeln ski day after the war
1962:Conversion of take off and inrun from wood into concrete
1966:Construction of the 40 meter hill aside of Fryherrenbergschanze
1974-1975: Enlargement of inrun tower and takeoff for distances of 65 m
1979:Reconstruction of K40 hill
1984:Judges tower gets new wooden surface
1990:Construction of a warm up and material room into the tower, FIS homologation of the hill
1994:Renewing of floodlights
1997:Removing of windstorm damages at the ski jumping hill and installation of a ceramic inrun trail
This listing shows that Fryherrenbergschanze has ever had great importance for the local ski club. It also results of the large amount of competitions which have been hosted by Skiclub Einsiedeln in a nearly 100 years old history. Unforgetable are in this context the ski and jumping days of Einsiedeln, which took place every year from 1924 to 1985, and many federation’s and country championships, too.
The youth work of the club was, of course, a main reason why this facility has always been kept on the necessary modern level. In order to improve summer training, in 1964 another ski jump near the Medenen was built up and existed about 10 years long. In voluntarily work plastic-like matting sacks from a coffee roasting factory and cigar factory were placed on the hill.
Uncountabel are the many national and international medals which have been won by ski jumpers and Nordic combined from Einsiedeln, and so it is not surprising that several times plans for a new jump have been made. For example in the middle 50’s plans existed to built a ski flying hill near the monastery and in the middle 80’s the project of a K85 failed.
In 2003 the first dig of the modern ski jumping facility at Eschbach took place and this started the ending of Fryherrenbergschanze. With the ZSV championships the last competition took place on February 26, 2005 – the long-lasting skiing tradition of this ski jumping hill is now history.

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1)   Kryenbühl Christian   wrote on 2012-04-24 at 21:57:

Record on Fryherrenberg

There are two holders of the record.
On the Old jumping hill (Christian Kryenbühl 67.5m)
On the newer one (table was shortened)(Manuel Horath 66m)
Both swiss skijumpers.

Great page! I like it

Best regards


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