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K-Point: ca. 20 m
Coordinates: 50.903665, 142.175742 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
K-Point: ca. 10 m
Year of construction: 1935
Coordinates: 50.904452, 142.149943 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
Further jumps: K8
Plastic matting: no
Status: destroyed
Coordinates: 50.903665, 142.175742 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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Ski jumping began to develop in Sakhalin in the mid-1930s. Of course, already before that there were enthusiasts who tried this sport, using natural small slopes or hills, but these were only spontaneous activities, without systematic organisation. The year 1935 can be considered as a turning point, when the 1st regional winter inter-district spartakiad was held in Aleksandrovsk, which also had a jumping competition in its programme. At that time, there was no ski jumping hill in the city, so on 25 February the athletes simply used a small snow shelf, which did not allow long distances to be reached. But the seed was sown, the new competition appealed to both jumpers and fans. One year later the number of people willing to take part increased, but they had nowhere to jump and the programme of the 1936 Spartakiad did not include a jumping competition this time. The problem of the lack of a suitable facility was raised by journalists of local newspapers, as a result the Regional Committee for Physical Culture and Sports decided to start building a ski jumping hill in Alexandrovsk and in December 1936 the matter moved forward. The sports association "Priboj" prepared a facility in the area of Fish Town, but the construction was not successful. It was therefore decided to create another one, in the area of the old cemetery, designed for jumps of 8-10 metres. But this was not enough for the athletes and they appealed to the city committee to build a new facility and finally the authorities gave in to this pressure. On the eastern outskirts of the town, near the former ski station, a ski jumping hill was set up on which 20-25 metres could be jumped. The 3rd regional winter sports competition was held there and the winner was Avramov from the association "Enthusiast" with 14.8 metres. The longest jump was made by Lialin, about 20 metres, but he failed to land correctly.
In 1938, during the 4th Spartakiad, Kotov from Dynamo and Shurygin from Priboy each reached 15 metres, which was a regional record. Interestingly, at that time, local daredevils jumped further on nearby hills, for example at the slalom course.
In 1939, on the occasion of the 5th spartakiad, Pipin from Burewiestniki jumped 19 metres. So ended the first five-year period of ski jumping development in Sakhalin region and there is no information about the further fate of the ski jump in Alexandrovsk.

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