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Trampolino Olimpico Italia:

K-Point: 92 m
Men Winter Hill record: 92.0 m (Roger Ruud NOR, 1981-12-20, WC)
Men Winter Official hill record: 90.5 m (Jens Weißflog GER, 1984-01-11, WC)
Tower height: 54 m
Inrun length: 86.5 m
Inrun angle: 35°
Landing angle: 38°
Conversions: 1975
Operating until: 1998
K92 (1975-1998)K72 (1955-1974)K70 (1940-1955)K50 (1923-1939)

Trampolino Italia:

K-Point: 55 m
Plastic matting: yes
Further jumps: K32, K20
Plastic matting: no
Spectator capacity: 43,000
Year of construction: 1923
Conversions: 1926, 1940, 1955, 1974
Operating until: 1998
Status: out of order
Ski club: Sci Club Cortina
Coordinates: 46.512569, 12.147596 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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The history of the ski jump leads back into 1923, because in this year it was built as the “Franchetti-Schanze” at Zuel, a suburb of Cortina. It was named after the hotel owner and financial supporter of the construction of the jump. In 1926 the jump was enlarged and jumps over 50 m were possible.
In 1939 the destruction of the jump followed, because it did no longer fit with the risen international standards. In the following summer the reconstruction for the World Championships in 1941 took place. On the new Italia ski jump, which had a 48 m high wooden inrun tower, the 20 year old Sepp Weiler from Oberstdorf jumped the largest distances including a hill record of 76 m and was already celebrated as the World Champion. But he just finished 4th place. Policies played an important role and the judges gave marks for the “German” which were much too low. Later this WSC was negated because of the war. The last hill record on this ski jumping hill was performed by Finland’s Laaksonen with 78 m.
For the Olympic Winter Games 1956 a complete new construction of the hill was needed for more than 300m Lire and on December 8, 1955 the official opening of the most modern ski jump worldwide at that time took place. The Olympic ski jumping competition was won by Antti Hyvarinen (FIN) with a record of 84 m. In the following years many national and international competitions took place, such as Trofeo Campari and Grand Prix of Nations. Just as the first World Cup competition ever which took place here in 1979. The FIS certificate for international competitions of the jump was only valid until 1990 and afterwards the Italian Ski Federation didn’t manage to convert the jump and since ski jumping has been stagnating.
A fun fact is that the 1981 James Bond movie "For your eyes only" was filmed in Cortina and also on the ski jump. James Bond went down on the inrun on alpine skis and was pushed sideways by his opponent. Nevertheless, they managed to land a double ski jump - for ski jumping fans an interessting, though unrealistic scene.
Still today the facility looks like an amphitheatre and the powerful steel-made inrun tower, the spectator places and judges towers are witnesses of the technical construction performance of the architects Reinhard Straumann and Guglielmo Holzner from Bolzano (Bozen) and Enzo Mantovi, Luciano Berti and Piero Pozzazi of the Engineering School of Bologna.
Also for the 2026 Olympic Winter Games in Milan and Cortina the ski jumping hill won't be reactivated. Instead, the Nordic competitions will be held at Val di Fiemme.

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Hill records K92 (Men):

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7)   Mauro Mantegazza   wrote on 2022-11-26 at 14:37:

Trampolino today

6)   Noom   wrote on 2021-02-22 at 12:53:


Es ist wirklich sehr traurig das mit anzusehen, aber auf Harrachov tut auch sehr doll weh

5)   Hans-Jürgen Brandt   wrote on 2016-05-09 at 18:38:

Ein trauriger Anblick

Ich habe bei einem Dolomitenurlaub heute die Olympiaschanze von 1956 besucht, um den Ort des Medaillensprungs von DDR-Idol Harry Glas einmal live zu sehen. Es ist traurig, wie der einstmals schöne Bakken dahinsiecht. Vielleicht wird ja das Skispringen in Italien wieder einmal so populär (und finanzierenswert) wie zu früheren Zeiten!?

4)   Heiner Jaeger   wrote on 2011-04-10 at 18:03:

Volle Zustimmung

Da kann ich meinem Vorredner nur zustimmen. Das schmerzt einen Sprungfan bis ins Mark, wenn man solche tollen Anlagen verfallen sieht.

3)   Markus Schöner   wrote on 2011-03-31 at 11:10:

Warum schafft mann es nicht

Warum schaffen die Italiener es nicht, diese wunderbare Anlage wieder auf den neuesten Stand zu bringen?
Dann könnte man auch auf Harrachov oder Kuopio verzichten.

2)   Heiner Jaeger   wrote on 2011-02-13 at 22:37:

Nicht nur James Bond, auch Matti Nykänen

Ja, James Bond ging über die Schanze. Lese gerade das Buch von Matti Nykänen "Grüsse aus der Hölle" und habe gesehen, dass Matti zwei WC-Springen in Cortina gewonnen hat und somit auch schon hier war. Das Buch kann ich jedem Skisprung-Fan nur empfehlen.

1)   Franz Schmalzgruber   wrote on 2011-01-17 at 15:30:

James Bond

Diese Schanze war Schauplatz im James Bond-Film "In tödlicher Mission" im Jahre 1981.

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