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K-Point: 75 m
Men Winter Hill record: 79.0 m (Helmut Recknagel DDR, 1958-01-12)
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1933
Conversions: 1953
Operating until: 1968
Status: destroyed
Coordinates: 50.838218, 10.378674 Google Maps OpenStreetMap


K-Point: 40 m
Plastic matting: yes
Year of construction: 1948
Conversions: 1962, 1974, 1997
Status: out of order
Coordinates: 50.839046, 10.379727 Google Maps OpenStreetMap


K-Point: 24 m
Plastic matting: yes
Year of construction: 1949
Conversions: 1966, 1997
Status: out of order
Coordinates: 50.839464, 10.379663 Google Maps OpenStreetMap


K-Point: 13 m
Plastic matting: yes
Year of construction: 1974
Conversions: 1997, 2019
Status: operating
Coordinates: 50.839528, 10.379667 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
Further jumps: no
Ski club: WSV Steinbach 1907
Coordinates: 50.838218, 10.378674 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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In 1924 the first ski jumping hill was built in the local castle’s park of Altenstein and one year later the hill received a wooden inrun tower.
The construction of the large ski jumping hill at Schleif­kothengrund was provided and realized by Otto Malsch from Steinberg, being fascinated of ski jumping. On February 11, 1934 the inauguration jumping competition was won by W. Wönne from Ruhla with a best distance of 52 m. The first international competition win in 1935 went to Norway’s H. Sandvik with a hill record of 57 m. Until 1942 many competitions were held, with sometimes international participants, but the highlight was the ski championship of Thuringia in 1940.
After World War II there was only a slow way up like anywhere else, too. Sportsmen of the new-founded BSG Motor Steinbach created in 1948 a combined ski jump facility K40 with K24 aside, which is situated about 200 m up the valley and later was equipped with floodlights.
Schleifkothegrundschanze was enlarged into a K75 in 1953 and until 1959 regular competitions had taken place on it, which were real fairs for Steinbach. After that it went calm around the ski jumping hill and the last competition then took place in February 1968. But the hill record of 79 m, performed by Helmut Recknagel in 1958, has still remained until today. In 1962 the combined facility received plastic matting covering and equally the name was changed into “Schnepfenberg­schanze”. Later it was again renamed into “Kurt-Iffert-Schanze” in order to honour a functional and FIS judge. In 1966 the small hill was renewed and also covered with plastic mattings. In 1974 the smallest hill K14 was additionally built and named “Alfred-Lochner-Schanze” after an ancient busy ski jumper from Steinberg.
For the 100th anniversary of the ski club in 1997, the three plastic-covered hills were modernized. After that, however, the ski jumping activities faded. In 2010, the WSV 1907 ski jumping group was re-established. At the moment only the K24 and K13 ski jumps in the Schleifkothengrund are intact for the youngsters. In 2019, the Alfred-Lochner-Schanze was modernized with new plastic mattings in the landing area. The other two ski jumps will also be renewed over the next few years.

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