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Pappenheimer Schanze:

K-Point: 70 m
Men Winter Hill record: 66.0 m (Erich Recknagel GER, 1931)
Year of construction: 1928
Conversions: 1957
Coordinates: 50.484857, 11.170286 Google Maps OpenStreetMap


K-Point: 40 m
Year of construction: 1919
Conversions: 1966
Coordinates: 50.486744, 11.183278 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

Schanze am Hansenrangen:

K-Point: 30 m
Year of construction: 1908
Coordinates: 50.486766, 11.183758 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Status: destroyed
Ski club: BSG Chemie / WSV Ernstthal
Coordinates: 50.484857, 11.170286 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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With the construction of a glasswork by glass master craftsmen from nearby Lauscha in 1707 the economic development of the town Ernstthal started and with the founding of the ski club in 1905 Ernstthal is said to be the cradle of skiing in southern Thuringia. From 1908 the ski jump at Hansenrangen had existed and for many years it had been the club hill.
The local skiing pioneer Carl Böhm Hennes was in his age not only 4 times ski jumping champion of Thuringia (1911 to 1914) and Saxony (1910), but also German Champion at Oberwiesenthal 1911. In 1912 he became Austrian Champion and at legendary Holmenkollen he came on a respectable fourth place at the hegemony of Scandinavian skiers. After Word War I, from which Carl Böhm Hennes didn’t return as well as many other talented sportsmen, the larger ski jump at Königswiesen was constructed.
The opening ceremony of the Pappenheimer Schanze was split into two parts in 1928/29. At the end of 1928 (12-29/30) the third Carl-Böhm-Hennes-Competition was held with stars like Walter Glaß (Klingenthal) and Max Kröckel (Neuhaus-Igelsbieb). Glaß, belonging to Germany’s best at that time was beaten by Louis Böhm-Dores (Ernstthal) in cross-country skiing and in ski jumping by veteran-champion Kröckel; both attained 56 m as longest jump; the same width as Walter Scheidig (Bock) and Teich. Out of concurrency Brotterode’s Rudolf Lesser jumped even on 60 m.
On January 6th, 1929 there was the official opening, at which again Glaß and also Erich Recknagel (Oberschönau) jumped on 51 m. With such widths, the Pappenheimer Schanze was on top of all facilities in Germany. The main supporter of the construction of the jump Heini Hochstein dedicated a skiing song to Ernstthal.
The highlight of larger ski jumping events at Ernstthal was the German Championships in the year 1931. There winner Erich Recknagel attained a distance of 66 m and a new hill record watched by 25,000 spectators. Later in 1959 and 1967 the GDR junior championships were hosted on the jump converted into K70. In 1969 the very last competition on Pappenheimer Schanze was hosted, since its profile was completely out-fashioned and the small town could no longer keep the ski jumping hill running.


1905, 11-01 Founding of the Wintersportverein Ernstthal. Ernstthal wanted to get member of the winter sports federation of Thuringia
1908 First annual celebration and opening of the jump at Hansenrangen
1919 Construction of Königswiesenschanze
1928 Construction of Pappenheimer Schanze
1928, 12-29 Opening of the jump – first record by Max Kröckel, Neuhaus, with 56 m, largest ski jump of Thuringia
1930 Arno Müller-Schwefel jumps 63 m at Pappenheimer Schanze
1931 German Ski Championships at Lauscha & Ernstthal, Erich Recknagel wins with a hill record of 66 m
1957 Enlargement of Pappenheimer Schanze
1966 Conversion of Königswiesenschanze
1968 Opening of "Carl-Böhm-Hennes-Schanze"
1969 Pappenheimer Schanze does no more fit modern standards - end of time of this ski jump
1970 Construction of the Kleinstmattenschanze

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