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GERGER-BYHaag in Oberbayern

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K-Point: 35 m
Tower height: 10 m
Inrun length: 35 m
Inrun angle: 35°
Take-off height: 2.5 m
Landing angle: 31°
Year of construction: 1954
Year of destruction: 1955
Coordinates: 48.170510, 12.244400 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

Sprungschanze am Königsee:

K-Point: 25 m
Men Winter Hill record: 30.0 m (Heinrich Dengler GER, 1932)
Year of construction: 1961
Year of destruction: 1962
Coordinates: 48.16221, 12.16538 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
K25 (1961-1962)K25 (1951-1952)K30 (1931-1944)

Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Status: destroyed
Ski club: SC Haag
Coordinates: 48.161545, 12.183155 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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The chronicle of SC Haag tells, that the building measures for the first ski jump at Königsee, which is now the town district Haag-Rosenberg, started on November 2nd 1931 and only took about two weeks. In December, Fritz Promeyer did the first test jump. Due to a lack of snow, it took until mid-March until the official opening finally took place. The competition was won by Heinrich Dengler of TSV 1860 München and he even jumped a hill record of 30 meters the next day. The ski club held annual competitions until 1939. In 1944, the ski jump was demolished.
After World War II, the ski club wanted to build a new ski jump with a longer lifetime. They even contacted architect and constructor Carl J. Luther, but the collaboration did not happen. Instead, Josef Hacker and co-workers built a provisional ski jump in the early 1950's, which was completed on a New Year's Eve. But the owner of the ground forced the team to demolish this ski jump within less than one year's time.
In 1954, activists from the four kilometer Eastern direction located Ramsau were about to build a new ski jump. A local newspaper, Haager Boote, reported "the soul of this activity [...] an idealist, [...] the mechanics [Toni] Brandmeier from Ramsau, highly supported by teacher Fuchs and also some open-minded farmers from the region, that brought wood and other material as donations, had their part."
On February 7th, the day was finally here: About 3000 spectators, who came on various ways, watched the 100 participants at the opening competition. This was won by a ski jumper from Bad Reichenhall called Schifferer. It was the only highlight of the very short history of this ski jump.
Also the last ski jump at the skiing slope at Königsee was alive for only one winter. The former chairman of the ski club, Franz Huber, hoped he could stop infrastructure provision at the area by building a ski jump. But in late autumn 1961, when the construction of the inrun tower took place, these works to build the Rosenberg settlement already had started. Half a year later, the ski jump was destroyed.
From 1967 on, the ski club built a natural ski jump in Hohenburg near Soyen.
Still, SC Haag has a successful biathlete amongst them. Her name: Franziska Preuß.

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2)   wrote on 2022-01-23 at 19:29:


Der "Königssee" ist tatsächlich weit weg von Haag. Die besagten Schanzen lagen aber wie angeben tatsächlich bei Haag in Obb. Die Markierungen im heutigen Ortsteil Rosenberg und in Ramsau entsprechen den vermuteten früheren Schanzenstandorten.

1)   Thomas   wrote on 2022-01-23 at 19:00:

Haag in Oberbayern

Haag in Oberbayern liegt weit weg vom Königsee. Rosenberg ist ein Vorort von Haag in Obb. Der Skiclub von Frau Preuss ist derjenige von Haag in Obb. (Wappen mit Turm). Die Schanzen gehörten evtl. dem Verein, waren aber dann im Berchtesgadner Land, wo es Berge gibt. In Haag ist alles flach. Die Geodaten beziehen sich auf das flache Stadtgebiet von Haag.
Ob es nur um Besitzverhältnisse geht oder zwei Haags durcheinandergebracht wurden oder die Schanzen schon auch beim Ort stehen?
Viele Grüße und Spaß beim Rätseln.

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