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Hill Size: HS 93
K-Point: 84 m
Men Winter Hill record: 93.5 m (Robert Křenek CZE, 1998-03-07, COC)
93.5 m (Tami Kiuru FIN, 2001-02-09, COC)
Ladies Longest jump: 95.0 m (Daniela Iraschko-Stolz AUT, 2001-01-27, LGP)
Ladies Winter Hill record: 94.5 m (Katie Willis CAN, 2007-02-17, COC)
Tower height: 34 m
Take-off angle: 11°
Landing angle: 35.15°
Plastic matting: no
Conversions: 1967, 1981
Operating until: 2008
Status: out of order
Coordinates: 48.102662, 8.194501 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
K84 (1967-2008)K60 (1947-1967)K50 (1933-1941)K20 (1924-1933)


Hill Size: HS 42
K-Point: 40 m
Men Winter Hill record: 43.0 m (Matthias Caudy FRA, 2009)
43.0 m (Dominik Wölfle GER, 2009)
43.0 m (Marc Oliver Löffler GER, 2009)
Ladies Winter Hill record: 42.5 m (Anna Rupprecht GER, 2009)
Plastic matting: yes
Year of construction: 1972
Conversions: 1993
Status: operating
Coordinates: 48.103266, 8.195155 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
Hill Size: HS 21
K-Point: 20 m
Men Winter Hill record: 24.0 m (Marco Wahl GER, 2010)
24.0 m (Enrico Lang GER, 2010)
Ladies Winter Hill record: 23.0 m (Amelie Thannheimer GER, 2014-02-25)
Plastic matting: yes
Status: operating
Coordinates: 48.103365, 8.195393 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
K-Point: 10 m
Status: destroyed
Coordinates: 48.103337, 8.195428 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
Further jumps: no
Year of construction: 1924
Conversions: 1933, 1947, 1967, 1981, 1993
Ski club: Ski-Club Schönwald
Coordinates: 48.102662, 8.194501 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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On February 17, 1924 at Schönwald in Schwarzwald the first ski jumping hill was opened at the Halde, very near to the at that time very young Adlerwald. Over the years the first Adlerschanze – its inrun tower rose high above Schönwald as an attraction – was improved and enlarged several times. After a first conversion in 1933 distances of over 50 meters could be reached there. After World War II, Adlerschanze was reconstructed in 1947 with a 24 meter high inrun tower and allowed jumps of more than 60 meters.
Today’s normal hill with its 34 meter high tower was constructed in 1967. The opening competition of the new Adlerschanze took place as an international tournament on March 17, 1968. More than 4,000 spectators watched a very thrilling fight between Willi Schuster (Austria) and Ralph Pöhland (Hinterzarten). Willi Schuster won with distances of 82 and 78 meters and a total score of 237.5 points in front of Ralph Pöhland. Since 1971 every year the “Schwarzwälder Springertournee” has taken place, first together with competitions in Hinterzarten (until 1977), then in Titisee-Neustadt. First winner on 13th and 14th March 1971 was outstanding Yugoslavian jumper Marjan Mesec.
In 1981 the ski jump was modernized and slightly enlarged as a K84. The plastic covered junior hills were added in 1993. From 1994 to 2002 the competitions on Adlerschanze were also counted for the Continentalcup schedule. In 1998 the first FIS Ladies competition took place and from 1999 till 2008 Schönwald has been part of Ladies COC.
In summer 2008 it was decided to give up large Adlerschanze K84 due to financial reasons - at the same time the Langenwaldschanze in the nearby Schonach has been modernized. The other way around, the smaller hills in Schonach-Rohrhardsberg have been closed and the junior training center has been moved to Schönwald.

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Hill records K84 (Men):

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Hill records K84 (Ladies):

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Hill records K40 (Men):

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Hill records K40 (Ladies):

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Hill records K20 (Men):

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Hill records K20 (Ladies):

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2)   Dengler Patrick   wrote on 2019-03-28 at 12:52:

Schanzenrekord wahr von mir 1993 42 meter keine 40 meter

1)   Michael Thannheimer   wrote on 2014-12-19 at 18:46:

Schanzenrekord K20

Im Winter 2014 (im Februar) bei Jugend trainiert für Olympia stellte Amelie Thannheimer den Schanzenrekord auf der K20-Schanze mit 23,5 Metern auf. Sie erhielt dafür eine Kuckucks-Uhr. Siehe Bericht unter, Tooltipp-Text des mittleren Bildes.

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