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Hill Size: HS 111
K-Point: 100 m
Men Winter Hill record: 111.0 m (Tobias Bogner GER, 2005-02-27, FIS)
111.0 m (Lars Bystøl NOR, 2008-02-10, COC)
Men Summer Hill record: 113.5 m (Vinzenz Geiger GER, 2022-10-15, NC-N-GER)
Women Winter Hill record: 112.5 m (Anna Odine Strøm NOR, 2023-01-29, WC)
Women Summer Hill record: 108.0 m (Sara Takanashi JPN, 2019-07-26, L-SGP)
Inrun length: 92.09 m
Inrun angle: 35°
Take-off length: 6.5 m
Take-off angle: 11°
Take-off height: 2.260 m
Speed: 91.44 km/h
Ratio h/n: 0.548
Landing angle: 35°
Hill certificate: Hill certificate
Conversions: 2022
Coordinates: 47.898304, 8.110826 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
K100 (2022-...)K95 (1999-2020)K90 (1980-1998)K70 (1949-1977)K60 (1924-1942)


Hill Size: HS 77
K-Point: 70 m
Men Winter Hill record: 79.0 m (Adrian Tittel GER, 2019-01-12, JUN)
Men Summer Hill record: 80.0 m (Tobias Simon GER, 2006-08-05, FIS)
80.0 m (Rok Masle SLO, 2018-07-26, FIS)
Women Winter Hill record: 75.0 m (Joséphine Pagnier FRA, 2017-03-04, OPA)
Women Summer Hill record: 78.5 m (Jerica Jesenko SLO, 2019-07-26, FIS)
Inrun length: 74 m
Inrun angle: 35°
Take-off length: 5.9 m
Take-off angle: 10.5°
Take-off height: 1.75 m
Speed: 79.9 km/h
Ratio h/n: 0.53
Landing angle: 33.5°
Hill certificate: Hill certificate
Year of construction: 2005


K-Point: 30 m
Women Winter Hill record: 21.5 m (Anna-Lisa Böhringer GER, 2010-02-24)
21.5 m (Luisa Lackner GER, 2013-03-03)
Year of construction: 2005
Coordinates: 47.898951, 8.111541 Google Maps OpenStreetMap


K-Point: 15 m
Year of construction: 2005
Coordinates: 47.899171, 8.111733 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: yes
Spectator capacity: 20,000
Year of construction: 1924
Conversions: 1935, 1949, 1964, 1977, 1980-82, 1998-99, 2005, 2020-2022
Status: operating
Ski club: SC Hinterzarten
Coordinates: 47.898304, 8.110826 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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The fact that the Black Forest is a stronghold of ski jumping can clearly be made visible by the history of Adlerschanze at Hinterzarten.
Already in 1923 the Kirchwaldschanze at Hinterzarten was built and used long time for the young jumpers until the giving-up in 1973.
At the spot were today's Rothaus-Schanze is located and towering over Hinterzarten, the first jump was set up in 1924. The estate belonged to the restaurant "Adlerwirt" and accordingly the hill was then called "Adler-Schanze. The 60 meter hill was opened on 1925-02-24. In the following years the ski jump had been converted many times. For example in 1935 as one year later legend Birger Ruud jumped a fantastic hill record of 71 m. After the conversion in 1965 Georg Thoma set up the record at his home jump with 82 m in 1966.
At the end of 1970’s the Adlerschanze was short before the giving-up, but then in 1980 the construction of plastic covered hill could begin. The last conversion into its today's size of K95 was in 1998/99. The height difference between inrun and outrun is 119 meters now, allowing Noriaki Kasai to set up the still valid hill record of 112.5 m back in 2000.
Summer Grand Prix events have a long lasting tradition at Hinterzarten with the first summer competition dating back to 1982. Numerous world class jumpers already celebrated their victories on Rothaus-Schanze. In the long history of summer competitions nobody managed to claim more than two victories until 2011: Andreas Felder (AUT), Masahiko Harada (JPN), Andreas Widhölzl (AUT), Georg Späth (GER) and Adam Małysz (POL) reached but could not surpass this threshold, but then Thomas Morgenstern (AUT) was able to celebrate his third victory.
At the beginning of the year 2010, the JWSC took place in Hinterzarten. The ski jumping competitions were hosted on Rothaus-Schanze, cross-country races on the slopes of Notschrei. Michael Hayböck from Austria won the men’s competitions, Elena Runggaldier from Italy claimed lady's victory and team Austria was also succesful.
To better qualify the local youth jumpers, the facility was extended in 2004/2005. On the left side of the Rothaus-Schanze, the new K70 hill Europa-Park-Schanze, as well as the too junior hills K30-Schülerschanze and K15-Energiedienst-Schanze were built. All of the jumps are covered with plastic mattings and equipped with ceramic inrun tracks for summer, as well as artificial snow machines and floodlights for winter. Additionally a 2.5 km cross-country trail was established. The costs were managed by benefits, aids, the weekly hill-sightseeing and the sales of souvenirs.
This facility is very important for the young jumpers in the Black Forest, because since the completing in 2005 the young athletes can practise near the hometowns and don't waste time by travelling to training centres in Bavaria, Saxony or Thuringia. The jumpers which have Sven Hannawald as their idol do not have to make these exertions anymore. Hannawald himself is participating at the youth work. He coaches children and youth jumpers and gives them basics, also helping him to master his Burn-Out.
In April 2020 the new-construction of the inrun tower of Rothaus-Schanze-K95, which was built in 1982, started for around 2.5m Euro. It should be equipped with a modern Peter Riedel inrun track and completed by winter 2020-2021, but due to mistakes during the construction phase works had to stop in October 2020. Three concrete foundations for the steel-made inrun structure were misplaced, such that the inrun and the tower were not aligned. In June 2021 the works have resumed in order to first remove the inrun structure, rebuild the foundations, and then complete the construction. For additional costs of more than 500,000 Euros, Rothaus-Schanze shall finally be ready for jumping again in spring 2022.

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Hill records K100 (Men):

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Hill records K100 (Women):

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Hill records K70 (Men):

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Hill records K70 (Women):

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Hill records K30 (Women):

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10)   Marco   wrote on 2023-01-28 at 21:56:

Rekord K100

Der aktuelle Schanzenrekord von Lara Malsiner (ITA) und Ema Klinec (SLO) ist richtig eingetragen, nur das Datum ist falsch! Es sollte 28.01.2023 heißen und nicht 28.01.2022! Bitte um Änderung!

9)   Focki   wrote on 2021-05-23 at 12:57:

Umbau wird fortgesetzt

Der Gemeinderat in Hinterzarten hat beschlossen, dass der Umbau weiter geht. Im Februar 2022 soll wieder gesprungen werden.

8)   Eberhard Jurgalski   wrote on 2019-07-27 at 12:29:

gefunden und Korrektur

Bitte löscht meine beiden vorigen Einträge. Ich hab die PDF auf einer polnischen Seite gefunden. Allerdings sprang Jerica 78,5 m, also eine kleine Korrektur.

7)   Eberhard Jurgalski   wrote on 2019-07-27 at 12:07:

Sorry, Marco

Marco, das bezieht sich ja gar nicht auf gestern. Falsch gelesen, sorry!

6)   Eberhard Jurgalski   wrote on 2019-07-27 at 12:04:

Wo HS77-Ergebnisse?

Erstmal, Marco: Sommerrekord!!!!!
Dann, bitte, wo finde ich die FIS-PDF's für die HS77-Sprünge gestern? Vielen Dank im Voraus!

5)   Marco   wrote on 2017-12-17 at 17:14:

Falscher Rekord

Maren Lundbys 108,0 m vom 16.12.2017 sind kein Schanzenrekord! Den hält immer noch Sara Takanashi mit 109,5 m vom 12.01.2013. Bitte um Änderung!

4)   Mike   wrote on 2015-03-19 at 13:20:


Summer hill record David Zauner fall 114,0m 24 JUL 2008

3)   Mike   wrote on 2014-12-19 at 09:59:


Ladie's summer record

8.8.2009 FIS Jugend springen

Anna Rupprecht 54,0 m, Katharina Althaus 61,0 m, Taylor Henrich 62,0 m, Katharina Althaus and Ursa Bogataj 67,0 m

9.8.2009 FIS Jugend springen

Anna Rupprecht 68,5 m, Katharina Althaus 73,5 m, Ursa Bogataj 74,0 m

2)   Jeremy Utz   wrote on 2014-04-07 at 16:35:


Hallo , eine kleine Frage.Kann man auf den Kinderschanzen einfach so zum Spaß springen. Ohne irgendeinen Pass.Wäre nett wenn man sich zurück meldet

VG jeremy

1)   konrad   wrote on 2012-01-07 at 16:52:



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