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K-Point: 25 m
Men Summer Hill record: 32.0 m (André Wesch GER, 2004-06-13)
Women Summer Hill record: 17.5 m (Cindy-Aileen Branster GER, 2009-09-20)
Tower height: 14 m
Inrun length: 41 m
Inrun angle: 30°
Take-off angle:
Landing angle: 32°
Further jumps: K12, K7
Plastic matting: yes
Year of construction: 1950
Conversions: 1976, 1994, 2004, 2008
Status: out of order
Ski club: SZ Katzenbuckel
Coordinates: 49.471485, 9.045975 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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The only still usable ski jumping hill of the Ski Association of Northern Black Forest is situated at 624 m high Katzenbuckel, the highest peak of Odenwald near the town Waldkatzenbach. In 15 km apart located Eberbach the Skizunft Katzenbuckel was founded in 1949 and inaugurated its first ski jumping hill already in December 1950 with jumps up to 15 m being performed. Pressure to jump longer and longer was very strong with the ski jumpers and Nordic combined of the club and consequently the jumping hill was steadily enlarged. In 1952 the enlarged wooden ski jump had a critical point of about 25 m, in 1961 it was already at 32 m.
In 1976 the Schwer company from Schonach constructed a completely new ski jump with a 17 m high inrun tower. Now the ski jumping hill had a K-Point of 38 m and there was a smaller K20 jump with a very short inrun construction. The later performed record distance of 40 m by Görtz from Mannheim was established as the hill record of the old facility.
A problem which had to be solved over decades was a hiking trail crossing the landing hill which had to be filled with wooden elements before the begins of winters and then was covered with snow.
When the Skizunft was starting to think about a new all-year-long-usable plastic covered ski jumping hill in early 1990’s, a long-lasting process started in order to negotiate all doubts of nature lovers and environmentalists for making a relocation of the path possible. When also the authorities had been convinced of the need of a new-construction, the decision fell on a long-lasting steel construction. In 1995 the new plastic covered K25 ski jumping hill with modern profile could finally be inaugurated. Now even a K12 and K7 junior hill have been added to the ski jumping talent base at Katzenbuckel and K25 jump has a ceramic inrun trail.
The most successful ski jumper of the ski club was former Junior World Champion of 1996 and three times German Champion Kai Bracht. After going to skiing college at Oberhof he started for Ski Club Oberstdorf, where he could participate in the Four Hills Tournament for several times. Unforgettable is also Katja Seizinger which was a overwhelming alpine skier from 1992 to 98, gained 36 World Cup victories and became Olympic Gold Medal Winner and World Champion.

Source: Brochure „50 Jahre Skizunft Eberbach“

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3)   Calvin   wrote on 2024-01-27 at 14:26:

Verfall der Schanzen

Als ehemaliger (Jugend)Skispringer der SZK-Eberbach tut es mir wirklich im Herzen weh die Bilder der Schanzenanlage zu sehen. Viele schöne Erinnerungen. Schade, dass es wohl nicht mehr möglich ist am Katzenbuckel zu springen. Gibt es denn vielleicht genauere Informationen, weshalb es vor Ort keine Aktivitäten mehr gibt?

2)   Robert D   wrote on 2018-02-17 at 20:50:

Skispringen Katzenbuckel

Ich war selbst mal aktiver Skispringer beim SZK-Eberbach.

Leider gibt es dort aktuell keine Möglichkeit mehr Ski zu springen. Gibt wohl keine Trainer bzw. aktive engagierte Leute mehr :(

1)   Heinz Brudnjak   wrote on 2017-04-23 at 14:16:

Gibt es noch eine Möglichkeit am Katzenbuckel Skispringen zu lernen?

Unser Sohn ist 6 Jahre alt und träumt immer davon Skisprimger-Kombinierer oder Biathlet zu werden. Da wir in Tauberbischofsheim kaum Schnee haben weichen wir immer zum Skifahren in die Alpen aus..Nun unsere Frage könnte man am Katzenbuckel einen Schnupperkurs oder Trainingsmöglichkeiten zu bekommen. Über eine kurze Rückmeldung würden wir uns sehr freuen. Heinz Brudnjak mit Sohn Vinz

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