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Hill Size: HS 97
K-Point: 90 m
Men Winter Hill record: 102.0 m (Artti Aigro EST, 2013-02-27)
102.0 m (Artti Aigro EST, 2017-03-26, N-EST)
102.0 m (Artti Aigro EST, 2021-03-13, N-EST-T)
Men Summer Hill record: 102.5 m (Artti Aigro EST, 2017-10-07, NJ-EST)
Ladies Winter Hill record: 101.5 m (Sara Takanashi JPN, 2011-01-25, L-JWSC)
Total height: 111.4 m
Tower height: 54.68 m
Take-off angle: 11°
Landing angle: 34°
Plastic matting: yes
Year of construction: 2007
Status: operating
Coordinates: 58.049090, 26.516873 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
Hill Size: HS 76
K-Point: 70 m
Men Winter Hill record: 75.5 m (Jaan Jüris EST, 2003-03-13)
Take-off angle: 11°
Landing angle: 35°
Plastic matting: yes
Year of construction: 1968
Conversions: 1993-94
Year of destruction: 2008
Status: destroyed
Coordinates: 58.049744, 26.516675 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
K-Point: 15 m
Plastic matting: no
Status: destroyed
Coordinates: 58.056677, 26.503545 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
Further jumps: no
Ski club: Otepää Spordiklubi
Coordinates: 58.049090, 26.516873 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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At Otepää, the winter sports centre of Estonia, the plastic covered K70 ski jump at Tehvandi training centre was opened on 1968-01-14. Before the reconstruction of the hill in 1993-94 the hill record was 78.5 m by Sergei Ponda. Mainly Estonian ski jumpers were practising there while international competitions were rare, while cross-country World Cup at Otepää is hosted annualy.
In order to improve this situation and maybe being able to host a Nordic Junior WSC some time, in 2001 the planning of a new K90 ski jump was started. By the help of private donators and European support the realisation of this project started in 2006. On January 18, 2008 the new plastic covered ski jumping hill with ceramic inrun trail, floodlights and snow-making machines, on whose inrun tower a 33 meter climbing wall was installed as well, was opened.
Only short time later the former K70 ski jump was destroyed since it was dilapidated. Once the Estonian skiing association might apply for Nordic Ski World's after successfully hosting Junior WSC in 2011, an extension of the ski jumping facility with K120, K70 and K50 is planned.

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2)   Svein   wrote on 2012-02-29 at 09:36:

Hill Rekord

Jarl Riiber, Heming, Norway, 100,5 meter, Nordic junior comp.

1)   Artur   wrote on 2011-01-28 at 17:37:

Otepaa K90 - Hill record

Hill record: 99,5 m (Markus Schiffner AUT, 2011-01-28, JWSC),MSJ_Fin_i_Austriak_wygrywaja_treningi_Byrt_piaty_i_16-ty

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