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Hill Size: HS 55
K-Point: 50 m
Men Winter Hill record: 57.5 m (Julian Wackernell AUT, 2012-01-29)
Men Summer Hill record: 53.0 m (Kevin Göschl AUT, 2009-07-12)
53.0 m (Dustin Hopfgartner AUT, 2012-09-16)
53.0 m (Tobias Bachleitner AUT, 2020-10-24)
Ladies Winter Hill record: 52.5 m (Sonja Schoitsch AUT, 2012-01-29)
Ladies Summer Hill record: 51.0 m (Denise Frühauf AUT, 2016-09-11)
51.0 m (Sigrun Kleinrath AUT, 2016-09-11)
Hill Size: HS 30
K-Point: 27 m
Men Winter Hill record: 32.0 m
Men Summer Hill record: 29.5 m (Stefan Hauser AUT, 2009-07-12)
Ladies Winter Hill record: 19.5 m (Lilith Jagosch AUT, 2016-01-23)
Ladies Summer Hill record: 13.5 m (Katharina Pöllmann AUT, 2015-10-03)
Hill Size: HS 15
K-Point: 13 m
Men Winter Hill record: 16.5 m
Men Summer Hill record: 15.0 m (Stefan Rainer AUT, 2009-07-12)
15.0 m (Tim van Dyck AUT, 2009-07-12)
Ladies Winter Hill record: 8.0 m (Anika Deubler AUT, 2015-02-21)
8.0 m (Anika Deubler AUT, 2015-02-22)
8.0 m (Anika Deubler AUT, 2015-02-22)
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: yes
Year of construction: 2009
Status: operating
Ski club: ASVÖ SC Höhnhart
Coordinates: 48.155168, 13.279520 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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Supported by the ski jumping hill construction concept of Upper-Austrian Ski Federation the first dig for the construction of a new 1.6m Euro expensive ski jumping facility with three plastic covered hills HS 55, HS 30 and HS 15 took place at Höhnhart on September 19, 2007. From July 10 to 12, 2009 the new ski jumping centre "Anton Hargassner-Arena" was inaugurated and now replaces the already removed hills at Moosberg. During the opening numerous former and active Austrian world class ski jumpers were performing and attending.
On the basis of the new ski jumping complexes, ASVÖ SC Höhnhart wants to develop new talents in Nordic skiing with dedicated work on young ski jumpers and thereby continue the successful history of the ski club. Prominent role model for the youngsters is Franz Neuländtner from Höhnhart, who became runner-up in Four Hills Tournament, vice ski flying world champion and fourth of the overall World Cup in 1986.
End of 2012 the ski jumping center was renamed into "Skisprung-Arena Höhnhart". It is regularily used for training and youth competitions in Austria-Cup.

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Hill records K50 (Men):

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Hill records K50 (Ladies):

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Hill records K27 (Men):

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Hill records K27 (Ladies):

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Hill records K13 (Men):

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Hill records K13 (Ladies):

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4)   wrote on 2020-10-29 at 08:08:

@Dani Keil

Hi Dani,
danke dir für die Info, hab ich eingetragen. LG Luis

3)   Dani Keil   wrote on 2020-10-27 at 15:45:

Schanzenrekord Herren Sommer

Hi Luis,

Tobias Bachleitner hat am 24.10.20 den Schanzenrekord mit 53m eingestellt. Lg

2)   Martin Erhart   wrote on 2013-02-12 at 07:42:


Bitte um Änderung des Namens vom Obmann:

Dr. Gerhard Beck
+43(0)664 2604619

1)   Martin Erhart   wrote on 2013-02-12 at 07:37:


Toller Bericht - gute Fotos!
Bitte um Namensänderung der Anlage: Skisprungarena Höhnhart, weil bisheriger Hauptsponsor zurückgetreten ist!
Gruß Martin Erhart, Schriftführer!

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