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Ljubno: 100 meters will not be an illusion anymore

on 2016-02-02

Normally, Ljubno ob Savinji (Slovenia) is a quiet and restful place, but not so in the past months: the old Logarska Dolina normal hill was demolished and served a spot for a completely new ski jump. This new facility was finished recently and is ready for the upcoming World Cup competitions of the ladies in less than two weeks. presents the first information about the new normal hill, which is going to be bigger than the old one.

Ljubno ob Savinj, Slovenia, is a traditional host of world-class ski jumping competition: it was part of each of the four world cup seasons for the ladies and hosting the tenth edition of its ski jumping competitions in mid-February. Just in time, for this anniversary, the Logarska Dolina ski jump was completely rebuild. The most remarkable difference to the old ski jump will be the enlargement, which makes jumps of 100 meters and even more possible. An opportunity, which did not exist on the old ski jump.

By hosting lots of Continental Cups and World Cups, the officials in Ljubno have collected a lot of experience and welcome 4,000 to 5,000 spectators at the ski jump each competition day. The tenth edition of the Ljubno ski jumping competition should also be the perfect date for celebrating the first victory of a Slovenian ski jumper, which also has not happened yet. “We are very proud of having a completely new facility here in Ljubno”, told Ljubno’s mayor Franjo Naraločnik the Slovenian news website “”. “The existing circumstances of an already existing ski jumping hill were adopted to FIS standards and renewed, so we will host secure and also far jumps. In addition to that, the facility should be in order throughout the whole year, which also was not the case before. We want to build a center, which should be the national training and development center of our female ski jumpers – all year long.”

Naraločnik also pointed out: „the works will be finished in time. Actually, we are just waiting for the control of the FIS.” In case this control ends with a positive, the whole country, especially the ski jumping fans, can look forward to Valentine’s Day in Ljubno, which is again the main instrument of the marketing activities.

A very important aspect, according to Naraločnik, was, to clear the financing. In addition, connected to that the decision whether to keep the old ski jump for another World Cup weekend or investing money to rebuild it. In the end, also the municipal council decided unisonous to start the rebuilding – knowing that the community members support this effort. The spread building costs of five million Euros were evaluated excessively high, said Naraločnik. “In the end, we have costs of half a million Euros, not including the municipal moneys”, said the mayor. He also told the sports ministry and additional patrons support the financing. The completely re-build ski jump will have a ceramic inrun track and plastic mattings for summer ski jumping.

The new ski jump is standing at the same place as the old. In addition to that, a new judges’ tower was built, as well as a new access to the ski jump, new fencing and stairs. Some other investments were put in the material and electrical infrastructure at the ski jump. “The ladies’ ski jumping can now exist here on the same level as our national pride in Planica. Ljubno can be a new source for new hopes of female and male ski jumpers”, was Franjo Naraločnik’s conclusion of the meaning of the project in Ljubno ob Savinj.

The final secret is not disclosed yet: who is going to make the first jump of the new hill in Ljubno? Slovenia’s first World Cup winner, Špela Rogelj, posted her wish of having this honor on her Facebook page already in fall 2015. After her teammate Maja Vtič had a decent season opener in Lillehammer with rank two, she was also named as a candidate for the very fist jump on the Logarska Dolina. The third option would be the young hope Ema Klinec, who also jumped on the podium in the World Cup and will represent Slovenia at the Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer.

The exact new hill datas are not available yet, but will be updated after the homologation by the FIS commitee

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