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First ski jumps in Falun

on 2014-01-30

Lugnet ski area at Falun with its two ski jumping hills had to be renovated for the Nordic WSC 2015. Now the first ski jumps on K90 normal hill could be performed.

Press release by Falun 2015 OC, 2014-01-30:
First jumps on the newly renovated hills

After the small jumping hill (the normal hill) could not be used for competition since 2010, it was re-opened for jumping last Saturday! The plastic cover was removed from the inrun Saturday afternoon and the bar from which the athletes start was set in place. Around 5pm, there was Andreas Arén, 29, a ski jumper representing the local club Holmens IF, ready to take the first jump.

How does it feel to be asked to perform the first jump?
- ”Well, it felt better about half an hour ago”, said Andreas Arén and laughed nervously.

Peter Lind, who previously served as team captain for the Swedish Ski Jumping national team and who had been one of those to spend day and night to prepare the hill, offered some final advise to Andreas; ”Don’t think too much about it, just jump.” Then it was time for Andreas to lift the skis on his shoulder and begin the walk up the stairs onto the top of the hill.

At the top, however, it had become a determined Andreas who did not hesitate to let go off the bar, but slide down the inrun, taking off into the horizon. The first jump was history!

Andreas was relieved after his jump.
- ”The hill is really good! The first jump was probably not the best, but the next one will be better”, said Andreas with a smile and ready to take several more jumps.

As Andreas continued to jump, three eager junior jumpers arrived. As soon as they had heard that the hill would re-open, the trio had decided to be part of it. But that was no easy feat as these boys came down all the way from Sollefteå! After departure at lunchtime on Saturday, the return trip was set for Sunday.

What made you travel all the way to Falun from Sollefteå?
- ”This is the world’s newest ski jumping hill and you just have to test it”, said Sebastian de Wall.

There is an amazing view from the top of the hill but Sebastian de Wall, Marcus Flemström and Anton Eriksson, only 12 or 13 years old, seemed not at all afraid to jump.
- ”Of course you are a bit nervous but there is no better feeling than flying”, said Anton Eriksson.

Marcus Flemström did not hesitate to add:
- ”That’s right, and fly far!”

After the first jump, the initial nervousness dissipated, confidence grew and the bar was raised higher and higher so that the juniors could fly even further. Because, as Marcus Flemström said, the goal is to fly as far as possible!

The normal hill in Falun will be used for competition already at the Swedish nationals on 7th-8th February. That will be the first competition in four years.

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