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Ski jumping hill news from Russia

on 2013-08-31

At Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk a new ski jumping hill center is planned, while new-construction in Nizhny Novgorod is further delayed. Perm region remains an important educational and competition center, and in Ufa the junior hills were opened again.


A few days ago FIS race director Walter Hofer paid a visit to the island of Sakhalin, situated in Pacific Ocean in the far east of Russia. In 1960's and 70's there has been a ski jumping hill complex with large and normal hill at the capital Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, and now the ski jumping history shall be revived. A new 70 meter hill was inaugurated there already in January 2012, furthermore there are plastic covered junior jumping hills. Thus Hofer was quite impressed during his visit, with 140 ski-jumping children and youth around, especially with many girls among them.

For the future a tourism complex called "Mountain Air" is planned, including two new ski jumping hills K95 and K120. Within 2.5 years planning and construction shall be carried out. Walter Hofer is very optimistic about it: "In Russia and especially on Sakhalin island, there is a big potential for ski jumping and I am glad that I can share my experiences from the construction of necessary sports facilities and carrying out international competitions.

Nizhny Novgorod

When the 1958 built, but meanwhile dilapidated large hill of Nizhny-Novgorod had to be closed down in 2008, a project for a new-construction was started immediately. Although the winners of an architecture competition for the construction of a ski jumping center with K125, K95 and junior hills were already announced in 2009, it took until 2011 to finally decied upon the realization for around 2.4 billion Rubels (60 million Euro).

It was intended that the construction works for the realization of the drafts by Austrian firm Malojer Baumanagement should start in spring 2012 and the old inrun tower of K110 was already dismantled. But so far the necessary financial funds could not be afforded yet within the regional budget and now it became public that regional authorities want to apply for state funds instead. Thus the construction will be delayed at least until 2016.

Perm region

At Perm region the development of ski jumping hill infrastructure has been very satisfactory over the last years. In early 2013 the new "Stork" ski jumping center at Nizhniy-Tagil has been inaugurated and the preparations for summer Grand Prix on September 13-15 are already running at full speeds. The second new ski jumping facility, 2012 inaugurated "Snowflake" ski jumps at Chaykovskiy, is going to host World Cup events of ladies and Nordic combined in January 2014.

Just now another 60 million Rubels (1.4m Euro) have been accounted by the sports minister for the ski jumping sites and especially educational facilities of the region. In Perm city the 30 meter hill was covered with plastic mattings in the past year, now the K15 followed in 2013 and next year the K45 shall be upgraded to summer use as well. Thus Perm remains an important center of ski jumping and development of ski jumpers in Russia.


Due to several serious accidents, at Ufa the three junior jumping hills K60, K40 and K26 were closed for ski jumping in end of 2012. Only by August 2013 the ski jumps were re-opened and a competition was carried out on the only plastic covered hill K26, after a commission verified their safety.


Ski Jumps:

RUS Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Tramplin Santa)
RUS Nizhniy Novgorod (Park Pobedy)
RUS Nizhniy Tagil
RUS Chaykovskiy (Snezhinka)
RUS Perm (Flying Skier)



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