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Luis on Ski Jumping Hill Tournament: Junior WSC special

on 2013-01-27

The new season of the column `Luis on Ski Jumping Hill Tournament´by Luis Holuch kicks off with a special edition for the Nordic Junior WSC at Liberec, featuring seven short interviews with participants and advisors.

Luis on Ski Jumping Hill Tournament: Junior World Ski Championships Special

by Ski Jumping Hill Archive author and photographer Luis Holuch

Dear readers and visitors!
Sometimes, some unexpected things are happening. And we have this scenario now.
First of all, I want to excuse me for the long time, you have not hear anything from me, especially, because, we brought the announcement concerning the second season online, only a few weeks ago. We really thought, we will start this season immediately.
But, unfortunately, caused my stress in school, I did not manage to write any reports and it will take some time, I will produce some new parts of my column. I hope you understand that and your pleasant anticipation will not be broken by this message.
Let’s talk about the following lines: In the last week, the FIS Junior World Ski Championships took place in Liberec (Czech Republic). Because I admire the girls and boys who participate at this event and most of them are in my age, I had a try to go in contact with them and to ask them a few questions. And I succeeded. Here, you find the results of these small interviews. Have fun at reading and I hope, this special article will be interesting for most of you.

Luis Holuch

Overview of results of the Junior WSC:

Ladies individual:
1. Sara Takanashi (Japan)
2. Evelyn Insam (Italy)
3. Katja Požun (Slovenia)

Men individual:
1. Jaka Hvala (Slovenia)
2. Klemens Murańka (Poland)
3. Stefan Kraft (Austria)

Ladies team:
1. Slovenia (Urša Bogataj, Ema Klinec, Špela Rogelj, Katja Požun)
2. France (Lea Lemare, Océane Avocat Gros, Julia Clair, Coline Mattel)
3. Germany (Ramona Straub, Pauline Heßler, Svenja Würth, Katharina Althaus)

Men team:
1. Slovenia (Jaka Hvala, Cene Prevc, Ernest Prišlič, Anže Semenič)
2. Poland (Bartłoemiej Kłusek, Krzysztof Biegun, Aleksander Zniszczoł, Klemens Murańka)
3. Germany (Karl Geiger, Michael Dreher, Tobias Löffler, Andreas Wellinger

1st Interview: Špela Rogelj (18)

Member of ski jumping ladies team Slovenia and FIS Junior World Ski Champion with the team (interviewed on 2013-01-26)

Luis Holuch: Hi, Špela! First of all: congratulations for your gold medal in the team competition! How do you like these JWSC here in Liberec? Is it your first participation?
Špela Rogelj: Hi, thank you! I do not know exactly, but I think, this is my 5th JWSC. I have to say, I was kind of scared when I came here, because I already have been here in 2009 for World Championships and I had my problems with the hill. But as you could see in the training jumps, I liked it more and more. I know, I am in good shape now. On Thursday it was just not my day. Nevertheless, I like it here, because my roommate Katja [Požun] won bronze in the individual competition. Also Urša [Bogataj] (5th) and Ema [Klinec] (9th) have been good. Of course, I am also happy about the win of Jaka Hvala. And – last but not least – about my gold medal, which completes my collection.
LH: Did you have the opportunity, to look around the town? How do you like Liberec, especially the hill?
ŠR: I have seen some parts of the town. I especially like the older parts of it. The people are nice. My club coach, Jarsolav Sakala, is Czech and that is why I know the culture a little bit. So, it is not everything new for me. The hill is very difficult and special. If you make a mistake, you may have to land after 40 metres. I kind of experienced that on Thursday, when I made a mistake at the jump-off. And in addition to that, the wind conditions have been bad. But, like I said, I like the hill now.
LH: You showed that on Saturday. With jumps on 100 and 103.5 metres you have been the best girl in your start group. Did you thought sometimes about Thursday or have you been totally focussed on this new chance?
ŠR: I definitely saw the new chance and did not think about Thursday. I was focussed on doing two good jumps and that is what I did. That have been two great jumps and if I would have made these two in the individual competition, the result would have been much better.
LH: I got nothing to add. How does your personal conclusion look like? Has the JWSC ended all in all positive or is there still some anger about Thursday?
ŠR: I think, all in all, it is positive. I gained some new experiences from Thursday and we as the team saved our best jumps for the competition. We can drive home happy now.
LH: Home is a good topic. Do you have a special place for your medal at home?
ŠR: Yeah, I have a place for it in my home. I will put it to my two other medals [from Erzurum]. I will not be at home for a long time, because on Wednesday, we will travel to Japan, where the World Cup continues.
LH: Then, my last question is: What are your goals for the rest of the season?
ŠR: I just want to stay in my good shape, be relaxed and to show the best in Ljubno, at home, and in Predazzo. I know, I will be very tired after Japan, but I will do my bets and keep doing what I do.
LH: But you will do it in Oslo as well, don’t you?
ŠR: Of course. There, I want to make long jumps, to have a high personal best. I already jumped 140 metres [in Klingenthal], but that was in a training jump.
LH: Then, I wish you good luck!
ŠR: Thank you!

2nd Interview: Evelyn Insam (19)

Member of Ski Jumping Ladies Team Italy (interviewed on 2013-01-25)

Luis Holuch: I am very happy and proud to have a very special interview right now. It is a honour for me to talk to the vice-FIS Junior World Ski Champion! Congratulations and a very welcome, Evelyn Insam!
Evelyn Insam: Hello and thank you for the congratulations and the request, Luis!
LH: I am appreciated, we got this date, because you must be very busy caused by your big success. My first question is: How do you like the JWSC? Is it your first time?
EI: It is my sixth time and I liked it this year more than ever before.
LH: That is obviously, if we look on your result. Do you like the hill and the town?
EI: Yes, I do. The hill is very special and it was nice to jump on it again. The city is nice as well. I know both – hill and town – already since 2009, when I have been here the first time and we looked around with the team.
LH: For you Italians, as organizer of the Nordic Ski World Championships, a very special ski jumping season. What are your aims for the last part of this season?
EI: The world championships in Predazzo are my main goals. So, I have to train and work hard and to do good jumps.
LH: Do you maybe want to get a medal there? On what will Team Italy concentrate on: on single event or on team mixed?
EI: I and my team will try to do our best and we will see how the result will look like.
LH: Before I finish this interview with my final question, I would like to ask you a question concerning media: Do you think, your sport is represented appropriately in media?
EI: Ladies’ ski jumping will need some time until it is popular. But, it is getting better every single year and I hope it continues this way.
LH: That is what I hope for you girls. I admire you, honestly. My last question deals with your medal: Will you find a special place for it in your home?
EI: I think, I will hang it up above my bed table or maybe in my living room. But I guarantee you, there will be a nice place for it!
LH: That sounds fantastic! Thank you very much for this interview and all the best for the rest of the season. Forza Italia!
EI: Thank you and greets!

3rd Interview: Paolo “Berni” Bernardi (40)

Europe coach of Ski Jumping Ladies Team USA (interviewed on 2013-01-25)

Luis Holuch: For a change, I welcome now a male conversational partner. Ciao, signore Bernardi!
Paolo Bernardi: Ciao, Luis! Call me Berni, like the others do.
LH: Great, Berni. How do you like the event until now? Have you ever been on a JWSC until now?
PB: I really like the JWSC in Liberec, it is well organized and venues in great shape. In my carrier I was 4 times as an athlete and 4 times as a coach at JWSC so I'm quite experienced.
LH: Do you like the city, the venues and also the people of Liberec?
PB: About venues I can only again say positive aspects. Here the biggest issue it's always the weather but since now it was perfect. Liberec is a nice town beside the confusing road system. The people are friendly and open.
LH: That will not be a problem any longer. How would you sum up the whole event until now? Which of the girls made you happy or probably angry?
PB: Well, we came here with high expectation with Sarah because her shape was good and she showed this shape just in the first training but the young girls like Nina Lussi (18) and Emilee Anderson (17) did well and we have still lot to work with them but they have a good idea about ski jumping. The results never make me angry because that's sport and we have to accept our bad days and recognize the good performance of the other Team. I'm angry just if we are not doing the right things but we were ready and was just a bad day.
LH: What is the goal for the team event? And who will start for Team USA?
PB: The goal was to have a Team in Liberec. We had no expectation about results just compete and gain experience for the young girls and go back to the right jumps for Sarah. The girls will be the same as in the individual.
LH: In our country, we have the situation that this event doesn't find any spectators, because it's not shown on TV. We just have the FIS live ticker to follow this event. But in some other sports (football/soccer) even under 17 events are shown on TV. Do you think, it's sad that the future athletes of the Nordic sports are not represented via TV?
PB: That's a good point and it's really bad because Women's ski jumping level is increasing a lot and the competitions are exiting more than ever. For sure in Germany you need a winner and then also the TV starts to be more interested.
LH: Let us hope, that this will happen soon. Thanks a lot for this interview and have a nice day! Ciao.
PB: You, too. Ciao!

4th Interview: Katharina Althaus (16) & Pauline Hessler (14)

Members of Team Germany Ladies Ski Jumping, reported by Frederik Clasen (interviewed on 2013-01-24)

Frederik Clasen: Of course, we also make an interview with team members of the German Ski Federation. Hello Katharina Althaus and Pauline Hessler! How do you like this JWSC? Is it your first time?
Katharina Althaus: Hello! I like it here. It is my 3rd time at a Junior World Ski Championships.
Pauline Hessler: I like this event as well. I have been totally surprised, I was allowed to come with the team and everything worked very well. Because it is my first time, I was supposed to show what I can do and I did that.
FC: Did you already have the opportunity to look around the town? How do you like Liberec?
KA: I have not seen much of the town. But the people here are very kind and friendly. The hill has a very different profile, because the jump-off is very short and plane. But except from that, everything is okay.
PH: Like Kathi says, the hill is difficult to jump, but very beautiful.
FC: How does your outlook on Saturday look like? Who will start for Team Germany and what are your goals?
KA: Until know, our coach nominated Svenja (Würth], you (Pauline) and me. Tomorrow, he will decide after the training, whether Ramona [Straub] or Anna [Rupprecht] will start. [Ramona Straub jumped better in both training and started in team on Saturday, note of the author]. Our goal is to achieve a medal.
FC: Kathi, do you think the public interest of this event and of ladies’ ski jumping is on a low level?
KA: Yes, it is. It would be more nice to have more spectators at the hills and if the World Cups are shown on TV.
FC: So, we have the same opinion in this case. Short concluding question to both of you: What are your aims for the last part of the season?
KA: The World Cup continues next weekend in Japan. There, I want to do the first step for a good season. My aim is to be part of the World Cup Final on Holmenkollen at Oslo, especially, because it is an event on a Large Hill.
PH: My mission is to show constantly good jumps and to reach good results. [Caused by the age limit, Pauline is not allowed to start in World Cup!].

5th Interview: Gyda Enger (19)

Ski Jumping Ladies Team Norway (interviewed on 2013-01-24)

Luis Holuch: Gyda, how do you like this JWSC? Is it your first participation?
Gyda Enger: It is a very nice event and I enjoy being here together with athletes from other sports. This is already my sixth JWSC and my last one, because I will be 20 years old next year and the limit is 19 years.
LH: I conclude from your statement, that you like the city, the people and the hill here. Is that right?
GE: Yes, that is right. The hill is very nice and I like it, because I can use the time to the take-off. Liberec is a beautiful city.
LH: On Thursday, you improved your performance in the second round. Was this jump extraordinary good or went something wrong during the first try?
GE: My first jump was not good; not as good as in training. My shoulders have been too high and I was not relaxed enough in the inrun. So, I tried to do these basic things much better in the second jump and I did it. It was a good feeling. I am very satisfied with my performance and I think, I am on a good way. I become more confident and better.
LH: What are your teams’ aims for the team competition on Saturday? And which team can probably take the win?
GE: I hope we can be one of the teams which fight for the 3rd place. If we all do a good job, we can make a good result. For me, the Slovenian team is the favourite to the win.
LH: In our country, we have the situation, that this event does not interest much people. I think, that is quite sad because of the fact, youth tournaments in football, for example, are shown on TV. Do you have the opinion, that the future world class athletes of the Nordic sports do not get enough public interest?
GE: Of course, our sports should become more popular. But this event is (still) not important enough for TV. But it is okay, as long as the World Cup is shown on TV.
LH: And do you think, the World Cup is represented enough on TV?
GE: I do not know how it is in Europe, but in Norway, all the WC competitions are represented on TV. So it is quite good in Norway!
LH: Thanks a lot for this interview!
GE: No problem!

6th Interview: Michaela Rajnochová (15)

Ski Jumping Ladies Team Czech Republic (interviewed on 2013-01-24)

Luis Holuch: Hello, Michaela! First of all, thank you for giving me this interview!
Michaela Rajnochvá: That is nothing, of course I give you this interview. Call me Miša, like all the others do.
LH: Okay, then, I will call you Miša. Let us start with the first question: How do you like this JWSC? Is it your first time?
MR: Yes, it is my first time at a JWSC. And I have to tell you, I like it very much. Especially the opening was great.
LH: You as member of Team Czech Republic have the privilege to jump in your home country. Does it feel special or is it like a normal competition?
MR: I do not see any great differences between competitions here or at another venue. But, of course, it is an advantage, that we had the opportunity to have more training jumps here than the other girls had. The fact, I am feeling nervous is naturally caused by the fact, that it is my home country.
LH: That is natural, yes. How would conclude the days until now personally?
MR: I did not expect that I would move anything. Then, a friend came to me and said, there is an opportunity and he gave me some hope. I was a little down, to be honest, because I felt quite sick on Wednesday. But now, I am satisfied, because I never failed so close to the final round. The sickness was, fortunately, not a handicap. I just made a mistake during the flying phase.
LH: On Saturday, the JWSC will continue for you with team competition. Will you be part of it and what are the teams’ aims?
MR: Yes, we will have a team and I will be part of it. But we have to be serious and we jump with the motto “being part of this event is everything”.
LH: That is a very good attitude! My last question is: what are your personal goals for the last part of the season?
MR: Of course, I will try to make good results during the EYOF in Romania. That would be a sign for my coaches. It would show, I am doing my best and I match with the team. In the future, I just want to improve my jumps.

7th Interview: Manuela Malsiner (15)

Ski Jumping Ladies Team Italy (interviewed on 2013-01-24)

Luis Holuch: Hello, Manuela! How do you like this Junior World Ski Championships (JWSC)?
Manuela Malsiner: The atmosphere in Liberec is very great and the organization is quite good as well. It is always an honour to participate at a world championships and that is why I like everything about it.
LH: That sounds great. Is this your first JWSC? And how do you like the Ješted hill?
MM: Last year, I participated in Erzurum (Turkey). This K90 hill is very special and it needs a long time, to adapt to it. After the take-off, you are just a few centimetres above the slope and then, you rise up. I have some troubles to make good jumps here with my jumping style.
LH: The Italian Ladies Ski Jumping is still at the beginning of the development. This is shown in the fact you are not able to participate at the team competition. Are you sad about that?
MM: Yes, unfortunately we are just three girls. The next team member would be, probably, my younger sister Lara (19.04.2000). She is still a little too small and too young. But I hope, we will have a team next year.
LH: I will keep crossed my fingers for you. How would you sum um the whole event if you look at your results?
MM: All my distances in training would have been enough to reach the final round. Unfortunately, the first round in the competition was my most bad try. My result was only a 35th rank, which is disappointing, to be honest. If you look at the last JWSC (13th rank), you see, something went wrong. I do not know, what exactly went wrong. Maybe, I was just too nervous. In the end, I was very despondent.
LH: I know, it is always very different, if you do not find a single reason for the things which happened. Do you have the impression, the event is represented well in foreign countries and there are a good number of spectators in the stadium?
MM: I have to say honestly, there are not a high number of spectators at our competitions. In comparison to other sports like football [youth tournaments are shown on TV, note by author], ladies’ ski jumping is not popular enough. That is for sure the reason for the missing attention.
LH: You are probably absolutely right. Finishing question: what are your goals for the rest of the season and are you already excited for the Nordic Ski World Championships in Val di Fiemme?
MM: During the rest of the season, I just want to enjoy ski jumping and have fun at it. I hope to be part of the world championships. In the meantime, there is the EYOF in Raşnov (Romania). That is why we have to decide at which event I will start.
LH: That is, for sure, a hard decision to make. But what would you prefer?
MM: The world championships at home are very, very special and that is why I want to be part of it. In addition to that, a lot of friends have the opportunity to come to watch me. But, the EYOF is an important event as well and I have the chance to reach a medal. But, I think, I would prefer the world championships at my home country.
LH: Then, thanks a lot. I wish you the best for the rest of the season and may you decide correctly concerning my last question!
MM: Thank you!

Ski Jumps:

CZE Liberec (Ještěd)


Nordic Junior World Championships Liberec 2013



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