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Several modernizations of German ski jumps

on 2012-07-04

Germany is investing in its ski jumping hills for young athletes: In Saxonian Stützengrün the new Raumschanzen were just inaugurated. Meanwhile conversion works are running on Vogtland-Schanzen at Klingenthal and in Franconian Warmensteinach.

The most modern junior hills of Saxony were inaugurated on Saturday, June 23 at Stützengrün. Since July 2008, when both Raumschanzen K25 and K12 were dismantled, the construction works for the complete make-over of the ski jumping facility at Stützengrün had been running. Until 2009 the three hills K30, K15 and K8 should be ready, but the modernization of the wooden inrun tower, displacement and renewal of the take-off and shaping of an enlarged and lowered hill profile were delayed.

Now the completed ski jumping facility, which cost SV Stützengrün only 200,000 Euro due to internal labour with 5000 voluntary working hours, with its three FIS conforming ski jumping hills could be opened with a competiton of Saxony-Cup. Thus the "Skiverein Stützengrün", which has been engaged into the development of young ski jumping blood already for over 50 years, can start into a succesful future. "Hence he make an easy transition of our young athletes into competitive sports possible", explained Toni Schröder, vice-president of SVS, in "Freie Presse".

Since end of June the Vogtlandschanzen at Mühlleithen near Klingenthal have been under renovation. For around 600,000 Euro mainly the rotten wood in the upper knoll of K80, which hasn't hosted any competitions already for 2 years, are replaced and the plastic matting of the double facility with K80 and K60 is renewed. Until end of October the ski jumping hill, which was renovated a last time in 1996 and is an important training hill for the development of young blood at the federal base of Nordic Combined in Vogtland, shall be ready of jumping.

In Upper-Franconian Warmensteinach currently works are under way for the modernization of Gebrüder-Wehrmann-Schanze K45. The plastic covered hill gets renovated for a total of 840,000 Euro and will be equipped with new plastic mattings, in order to support the future development of young ski jumpers in Fichtelgebirge. Already in 2007 the K22 summer hill was modernized and covered with plastic mattings. Beside there are the two winter hills K90 and K76 at Gebrüder Wehrmann ski jumping facilty in Warmensteinach, were ski jumping has been performed since 1911.

Ski Jumps:

GER Stützengrün (Raumschanzen)
GER Klingenthal (Mühlleithen)
GER Warmensteinach


erzTV: Stützengrün weiht komplett sanierte Schanze (Video)



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