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Ski jumping for anyone

on 2004-01-26

Meanwhile there courses offering ordinary ski jumping fans to step into the footprints of their famous role models: This is how the dream of flying becomes true!

Ski jumping schools offer courses for anybody on small hills

At ski jumping the dream of flying becomes true: It looks effortless, if Sven Hannawald and all the other athletes take the jump-off. Who likes to try this out, too, can try it in Germany, Austria and Finland. “Ski jumpin for anyone” demands only on some spirit and a bit of downhill-skills.

“The let off the beam is the most difficult thing”, like Stefan Koch from the “Impuls Company Oberstdorf” (ICO) says. An important role at the IOC-workshops plays the psychology: Because of that, the mental-coaches convey not only the correct style, but help the inexperienced jumpers to improve the own performance by positive thinking.

From grandpa to grandchild

Anyhow, after one day of training the participants are able to make jumps up to 20 metres. A course of one and a half day duration costs about 150 €. The “ski jumping for anyone” in Lauscha (Thuringia) becomes – in most cases – an event for the whole family: “Daddies jump with the daughters and grandpas come here with their grandchildren”, so describes Coach Jens Greiner-Hiero his mixed groups. Until they jump in helmets, shank and skies down the smallest hill of Lauscha, the participants get to know all about the correct crouch in the inrun, the perferct take-off and the vocabulary of the landing.

The hobby-jumpers make jumps between ten and maximum 27 metres. “That looks like real ski jumping”, so says Greiner-Hiero, who is very proud of his athletes. A weekend-course – including 2 night stops and half-board – costs about 80 € per person.

“The most hobby-jumpers want to experience the feeling, which the athletes have on a large hill”: That is the experience of Holger Pavlou, who makes beginner-courses of ski jumping in Willingen. For the perfect attunement, they look down the Mühlenkopfschanze. “But we jump on small hills with about 10 metres. And also people, who didn’t drive downhill are able to do that”, he composes. The three-day-program includes two night stops with breakfast and the course, a sports-program with Mountain bike-tour and fitness-check; price: about 147 € per person.

A sense for the balance

A good sense for balance, knowledge about skiing or cross-country and a minimum age of ten years: All that is necessary for apprenticing at the coaches of the Tyrolean ski-jumping-school. The school in the region Mieminger Plateau offers 3- or 5-day-courses.

In two hours per day, the competent coaches instruct the basics of ski jumping, before the hobby-jumpers are allowed to jump on the youth-hill. The jumps with about 15 metres are documented with a photo. Somebody, who shows great talent, is allowed to jump on the youth-hill in Stams, on which jumps about 50 metres are possible. A Two night stay with breakfast and beginner's course cost about 229 Euros.

by Sibylle von Kampitz (srt)
from "Nürnberger Nachrichten" (Wednesday, 2004-01-14)


Impuls Company Oberstdorf, Phone: 08321/870 33
Tourist-Information Willingen, Phone: 05632/40 11 80
Tourist-Information, A-6416 Obsteig, Phone: +43 5264 8106
Tourist-Information, 98724 Lauscha, Phone: 36702/229 44

Ski Jumps:

GER Oberstdorf (Skisprung Arena)
GER Lauscha
GER Willingen (Orenberg)
AUT Stams



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4)   katinka   wrote on 2014-03-26 at 23:48:


oben stehen telefonnummern...da kann man anrufen und erfährt die termine,die orte sind damit auch klar, oder?!
in meinerzhagen(sauerland) gibt es auch jedermann springen...
liebe grüße

3)   Marcel Harake   wrote on 2014-03-11 at 19:39:


Hallo Zusammen,

Mein Bruder und ich wohnen in Karlsruhe. Wir möchten gerne fragen, wie und wo man für ein Skisprung_Anfänger_Kurs in Oberstdorf anmelden kann?

Vielen Dank
Mit freundlichen Grüssen
Marsel Harake

2)   Manfred Gebhardt   wrote on 2013-12-21 at 18:03:

Hallo nach Thüringen,
würde gern mit meinem Freund in Lauscha einen Schnupperkurs (Skispringen) machen. So drei Tage wäre schön. Wir sind beide Skifahrer,ich hab auch etwas Erfahrung im hüpfen:-). . .
Wann und wo ist dies möglich!
Mit freundlichen Grüssen

1)   Ian Caruana   wrote on 2011-08-30 at 18:53:


Does anyone know of the mosy suitable location for my two sons to try Ski Jumping. Aged 8 and 11, both ski on dry slopes every week here in the UK. We could take a 5 day break in Austria , Germany, France ...... does anyone one know of suitable courses, sorry we only speak English. thanks,

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