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Modern adventure ski jump at Vogtland

on 2004-11-05

More than ten years after the destruction of Aschbergschanze there will be a new large hill at Klingenthal. With Vogtland-Arena a modern K125 is already under construction.

On the 7th November in 1991, the inrun-tower of the Großen Aschbergschanze was blown up, on which Jens Weißflog jumped the last hill record of 107,5 m in 1985. Thereby, the, for decades long, tradition of the Klingenthaler large hill was finished.

Ten years later in the commune in Erzgebirge near to Czech border, new plans for a new building of a large hill in the Falkensteiner Straße, at the northern slope of the Schwarzberg were made. In October of 2003, the building of the K125 started, which will baptized as “Vogtland-Arena”. For 12,1 Mio. €, a architectonic sensational hill will be formed till autumn 2005, which should decoy out of the ski jumping competitions up to 100,000 people in every year. In addiction to that, concerts and other events should take place in the ski stadium which will have a spectator capacity of 25,000, to make the building profitably.

The thing which makes the hill so spectacular is the inrun-tower, whereby very light building materials should be used like in ski sport. It accommodates a warm-up-room for the ski jumpers, a flying capsule in an altitude of 35 m, which will gleam at night over the Vogtland like a vessel. It also will have the function as a viewing platform.

The press- and judge-tower, which should accommodate seats for VIP’s, the coaches and offices is not less remarkable and would be the architectonic connector between beginning oft the hill and the stadium. Media representatives and reporters should be placed to have the same view like the officials in this tower, too, which will hang above the mountain, beside the hill.

But the hill size with 145 m should not be only for the top athletes, but also for the young jumpers, because they should qualified in the Vogtland-Arena. Therefore the hill gets mattings and so, it could be used in the whole year. The jump-technical parameters are choice for giving also the young jumpers of the Skiclub Klingenthal a possibility for training on the hill.

After earthworks were focused on in the beginning of the works to give the hill the correct shape, it is now recognizable that at the northern slope of the Schwarzberg a ski jumping hill is build. In October, the ancrages, on which the mattings will be placed, were brought on. Furthermore now the tunnel, which will be under the upper part of the hill, is building and the spectator stands are sculpting. How far the works will progress, is most depending on the weather. Who wants to watch, how the works are progressing, he/she can participate at the guides on the building lots at the Schwarzberg, which take place every Wednesday at 2 p.m.

In any case, the Vogtland-Arena with all technical building should be inducted in the end of 2005. Then, the World-Cup-competitions shall come back to the new federal states and the Vogtland-Arena shall carry also the economic boom in the region.

Ski Jumps:

GER Klingenthal (Vogtland Arena)
GER Klingenthal (Steinbachtal)


Vogtland Arena

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