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New ski jumping hills in Poland

on 2005-04-17

In the following years the ski jumping boom around Adam Małysz in Poland shall bear fruits and the whole sports shall be based on solid foundations. Therefore now a support programme for ski jumping hills in whole Poland was started.

Since Adam Małysz belongs to the world class of ski jumping, there is a big ski jumping boom in Poland. This sport has found a lot of new fans. In these places, where the possibility is given, a lot of children become members of ski clubs. As the ski association knows very well, the popularity could get away quickly, when the jumpers do not have success. So the association made the decision, after three years of draft, to start the project for the development of ski jumping.

Since last season, a competition run for children and youth jumper, which is called “Lotos-Cup” takes place in the whole country. Now, the company Lotos SA should benefit, in association with the clubs, the training with young talents. This program contains qualification of new coaches, more local and national competitions and also renovation respectively the new building of 36 hills. Although there is no conversation about it, the hills could be matting hills. Currently, 13 matting hills in Poland are in use.

In many towns, hills are either closed, or since a few years not used. In other towns, hills are completely new build. Unfortunately, the information about new hills in Warsaw wasn’t affirmed. Ski jumping in Poland takes only place in the mountains, an exception for example is the hill in Gołdap, which is near to the Russian border. But this hill does not exist. It should be new build within in the Lotos-project.

It is not clear, whether the list is already irretrievable or it is only a layout. It is notably, that a lot of 20 or 40 m-hills should be build. In contrast to that, in Poland smaller hills are missing.

These hills are not all, which will be build new. There is another ambitious, independent project, which should make realized in Zatwarnica (Bieszczady-mountains, near to the Ukrainian border and about 40 km away from Zagórz). In last winter, a small skiing hill got in work, a lift and a snow groomer were already bought. The ski club, which was established by inhabitants of Zagórz, wants to build a ski jumping hill complex in this year. They already got some old mattings from Frenstat (Czech Republic). Later, the hill should decoy the children and inspire them for ski jumping. These hills, will be probably the only ones, which got a private owner. Without any bigger help from the ski association, the club has to find some sponsors for realizing this project.

Another plan is an association with the foreign countries. In Germany, the club has already some friends. On a competition in Rothenburg an der Saale, where Zagórz participated, too, the young jumpers actually met Reinhard Hess. Because of the geographic position, an association with the ski jumping hill complex Vorochta in the Ukraine and their coaches is a possibility. In one field, Zatwarnica is unique: as the first ski club in Poland, it seriously wants to handle with woman ski jumping. In this winter, four girls in the age of six to twelve years started with the training on the hills of Zagórz. The club wants to offer cross country training and in contrast to most of the ski clubs, in which Nordic combined was completely ignored, Nordic combined athletes, should be qualifyied.

List of ski jumping hill projects:

Duszniki Zdrój: Modernization K50, Construction K20
Jabłonka: Construction K30
Lubawka: Modernization K90, Construction K40
Chochołów: Construction K25
Czarny Dunajec: Construction K40
Bystra Śląska: Modernization K40, K20
Istebna: Construction K30
Rajcza: Construction K30
Gilowice: Construction K25
Iwonicz Zdrój: Modernization K60, K20
Zagórz: Modernization K40, Construction K80
Gołdap: Construction K25
Zawoja: Construction K30
Goleszów: Modernization K50
Kamienica: Modernization K40
Szczawnica: Modernization K40, Construction K20
Krynica: Construction K30
Ustrzyki Dolne: Construction K40, K20
Nowy Targ: Construction K30
Szklarska Poréba: Construction K20
Zwardoń: Construction K40
Komańcza: Construction K30
Wégierska Górka: Construction K40
Andrychów: Construction K30
Wisła (Centum/Labajów): Modernization K35, K40, K65
Karpacz: Construction K20, K40



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1)   Tania Tripp   wrote on 2013-02-19 at 23:07:

Where can I send my son for training in Poland?

Hi, I have an 11 yr old jumper in the States. He trained with a coach from Poland and he is now going to Jr Nationals. He is very talented and we want him to go to the Olympics someday. I'd like to send him to train in Poland for a summer. Can you tell me where I can find out about this? Thanks!!!!

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