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Bakke Hill:

Punkt K: 100 m
Mężczyźni Najdłuższy skok: 107,0 m (351 ft) (Adrian Watt USA, 28.02.1970)
Mężczyźni Zima Rekord skoczni: 103,6 m (345 ft) (Greg Swor USA, 28.02.1970)
Inne skocznie: K70, K45, K18
Rok budowy: 1933
Przebudowy: 1939, 1950, 1959
Status: zdemontowana
Współrzędne: 47.614151, -120.673435 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

Leavenworth Ski Jump:

Punkt K: 20 m
Mężczyźni Zima Rekord skoczni: 19,8 m (65 ft) (Sigried Hansen NOR, 1929)
Rok budowy: 1928
Koniec funkcjonowania: 1933
Status: zdemontowana

Leavenworth Ski Hill:

Punkt K: 27 m
Inne skocznie: K15
Rok budowy: 2009
Status: w użytku
Współrzędne: 47.615467, -120.668498 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
Inne skocznie: brak
Igelit: brak
Klub narciarski: Leavenworth WSC
Współrzędne: 47.614151, -120.673435 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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Leavenworth Winter Sports Club został założony w 1928 roku, a skoki narciarskie były jego częścią od założenia.
Ponieważ istniała już mniejsza skocznia narciarska, na której Sigried Hansen skoczył 65 stóp (20 m) w pierwszych zawodach w 1929 roku, zbudowana została w 1933 roku Bakke Hill, a dzięki swojemu Punktowi K 73 m była jedną z największych skoczni narciarskich całego państwa. Istniała przez dekady, była kilkukrotnie powiększana. Otrzymała reputację najbardziej znanej skoczni narciarskiej w zachodnich Stanach Zjednoczonych, przez organizowanie Mistrzostw USA w 1941, 1959, 1967, 1974 i 1978 roku.
W końcu lat 70' zainteresowanie skokami w Leavenworth mocno spadło, a nowo-wybudowane duże skocznie takie jak Steamboat Springs, Iron Mountain czy mamucia skocznia w Ironwood wyprzedziły Leavenworth.
Najbardziej znanym skoczkiem z Leavenworth był dawny członek drużyny Olimpijskiej USA Ron Steele, który był najwyżej uplasowanym skoczkiem podczas Zimowych Igrzysk w Sapporo 1972.
Pomimo to, klub narciarski próbował wznowić plany budowy nowych skoczni K40 i K25 od 1986 do 1988r. Niestety aktywność ta nie doprowadziła do długotrwałej tradycji skoków narciarskich jak to było w przeszłości.
Z okazji sezonu sportów zimowych 2009/2010 podjęto kolejną próbę ożywienia skoków narciarskich w Leavenworth, a 31. stycznia 2010 roku zorganizowane zostały pierwsze zawody "Bakke Cup" z zawodami dla dzieci w narciarstwie alpejskim, skokach narciarskich i biegach.

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Rekordy skoczni K100 (Mężczyźni):

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12)   skisprungschanzen.com   napisane 22.04.2020 o 09:32:

@John W. Lundin

Thanks for your request!
You can always look up the copyright for the certain photos by clicking on them and then the right owner is displayed below the photo. Most of the historic photos come from:
Maybe this is going to help you.

11)   John W. Lundin   napisane 18.04.2020 o 21:45:

Book on Ski Jumping in Washington

I am working on a joint exhibit on ski jumping with the National Nordic Museum and Washington State Ski & Snowboard Museum, that will open at the Nordic Museum January 2021. I am also writing a book, History of Ski Jumping in Washington, the Influence of Norwegians on Northwest Skiing, that will be a centerpiece of the exhibit. I would like to use some of these historic photos. Please contact me if these are yours or you have other pictures. Thanks.

10)   Brian   napisane 13.07.2019 o 22:34:

I am scanning the Gehring slide/pic archives to digitize and save some history, and have some good ski jumping pics. Will post more soon, but am wondering if anyone can clarify the timeline of hill construction. When was the big elevated run-out built up, and when were the B and C jumps moved from the south side of the A hill to the north side?
Also would love to have some copies of the pics that you have, Barb Knapp.

9)   John   napisane 26.07.2018 o 13:19:

Packed the outrun

I grew up in Leavenworth and learned how to ski there and at Stevens pass when I could shovel enough roofs in the winter time to make the lift ticket price. I remember watching many competitions in the 70's including some of my 1978 classmates. I "packed" the outrun several times during my high school (back when it was the Grizzly's) to early 20's years. Competition had stopped but there were still young men that wanted to be able to jump who took the "ride". The D hill, the one behind the "lodge", was the place most young guys started out. Clarence Ostella was one of the instructors for a time while his son Chris jumped. They would travel to Revelstoke, iron mountain, and several other locations for competition. They transitioned from the D hill to the C hill and would attempt the A hill if they got bold enough to try it. Unfortunately it was closed due to becoming unsafe over the years of neglect. Great memories, great fun, great childhood county!

8)   Marv   napisane 06.06.2018 o 21:50:

traveler/ downhill racer

Grew up 50 miles from Iron Mt. Michigan, the spot of the world's largest manmade ski jump.Wakefield has the largest ski flying jump in the world, but Ishpeming, MI just 20 miles from Marquette on Lake Superior, has Suicide Hill, which is still hosting world comps as well as Iron Mt. Check out the NATIONAL SKI HALL OF FAME in Ishpeming.cu6/19.

7)   Frank   napisane 13.02.2018 o 19:36:

Jumped in 1959-1961

I was on the Wenatchee High Ski Team and jumped on the "C" jump between 1959-1961. I still have my old wooden 96 inch Kongsberg jumping skis with bear-trap bindings.

6)   Wes Sauer   napisane 18.12.2016 o 21:06:

Original photographs from ski hill

I have inherited film negatives that my grandfather or uncle shot at the ski hill. Most appear to be taken between 1930 - 1945. I am considering how to make the most of these and other Leavenworth area photos.

5)   Deb Cuyle   napisane 15.12.2016 o 21:12:

old pics needed

I am writing a book about Leavenworth and the Cascades and would LOVE to include some never seen before photos of Leavenworth and the old ski jumps! Barb Knapp you state you G Pa left you some and wanted to know if anyone was interested. Yes, me! Can I use a few in my book? Proper credit to you and your Grandpa of course! Thanks-Deborah Cuyle

4)   Cheryl   napisane 07.01.2016 o 21:21:

Leavenworth ski hill.

My dad jumped on those runs in the early 50's. Any pictures would be greatly appreciated. I also learned how to ski on those hills. My dad was on the jumping team at the high school in Levenworth.

3)   Hank Seibert   napisane 22.05.2013 o 05:01:

Going through some old photo's and found a program from Sunday, February 8th 1953 with the distances filled in.

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