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JPNJPN-01Sapporo 札幌 (荒井山)


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Hill Size: HS 60
K-Point: 55 m
Men Winter Hill record: 62.0 m (Yūken Iwasa JPN, 2013-02-09)
Inrun length: 53 m
Inrun angle: 35°
Take-off length: 5.125 m
Take-off angle: 9.5°
Take-off height: 1.5 m
Speed: 73.8 km/h
Landing angle: 33°
Hill certificate: Hill certificate
Plastic matting: yes
Year of construction: 2003
Coordinates: 43.052107, 141.294299 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
K55 (2003-...)K50 (1981-2001)K45 (1954-1981)K45 (1940-1944)K40 (1929-1940)


Hill Size: HS 27
K-Point: 25 m
Men Winter Hill record: 25.5 m (Masaki Satō JPN)
Inrun length: 31 m
Inrun angle: 25°
Take-off length: 3.5 m
Take-off angle:
Take-off height: 1 m
Speed: 52.2 km/h
Landing angle: 26°
Hill certificate: Hill certificate
Plastic matting: yes
Year of construction: 2003
Coordinates: 43.051906, 141.294764 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
K25 (2003-...)K25 (1973-2001)

Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: yes
Year of construction: 1929
Conversions: 1939, 1954, 1973, 1981, 1983, 2001-2003
Status: operating
Ski club: SA Sapporo
Coordinates: 43.052107, 141.294299 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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The first skiing courses in Sapporo were offered in 1909 by German university teacher Hans Koller. In March 1917 the construction of a first snow jumping hill at Mikadoyama followed and one year later a permanent wooden K20 hill was set up there. Nearby a 50 meter hill was set up in 1922 and one year later a K25 training hill was added.

During the planning and construction period of Ōkurayama ski jump, Toshichiro Hirota and General Olaf Helset got the assignment to build a smaller training hill at Sapporo. "Mt. Arai Memorial Ski Jump", a K40 with a huge inrun structure, was then built by December 1929.
After an enlargement onto 45 meters it was reopened as "Times Memorial Ski Jump" in January 1940, named after the donating company.
After the 2nd Sino-Japanese War it was only rebuilt in 1954 and again renamed after the sponsor into "Morinaga Memorial Ski Jump". The smaller 25 meter hill was added in 1973. A bigger conversion of the two ski jumps into K50 and K25 took place in 1981 and afterwards they were mainly used by local primary and high school students. Two years later K50 was equipped with plastic mattings.
The out-dated ski jumping facility was then completely modernized from 2001 until October 2003. Beside both plastic covered ski jumping hills K55 and K25 a judges' tower, a monorail for up to 10 persons and functional buildings were developed.

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1)   wakiyama   wrote on 2020-04-18 at 12:52:

Hill record:

Midium Hill 62.0m Yuken IWASA (2013/02/09)G21

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