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MacKenzie Intervale Ski Jumping Complex

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MacKenzie Intervale Ski Jump:

Hill Size: HS 134
K-Point: 120 m
Men Longest jump: 136.0 m (Martin Koch AUT, 2000-02-20, GWG)
Men Winter Hill record: 135.5 m (Veli-Matti Lindström FIN, 2002-02-02)
Ladies Winter Hill record: 125.0 m (Lindsey Van USA, 2004-12-31)
Inrun length: 93.05 m
Inrun angle: 35°
Take-off length: 6.5 m
Take-off angle: 11°
Take-off height: 4 m
Speed: 92.5 km/h
Landing angle: 34.5°
Hill certificate: Hill certificate
Plastic matting: no
Conversions: 1994
Coordinates: 44.255347, -73.966058 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
K120 (1994-...)K114 (1979-1994)K72 (1965-1977)K61 (1927-1965)K50 (1923-1927)K35 (1920-1923)

MacKenzie Intervale Ski Jump:

Hill Size: HS 100
K-Point: 90 m
Men Winter Hill record: 102.0 m (Peter Frenette USA, 2010-01-02)
Men Summer Hill record: 108.0 m (Peter Frenette USA, 2010-10-09)
Ladies Winter Hill record: 76.0 m (Lindsey Van USA, 1999-02-07, N-USA)
Ladies Summer Hill record: 102.0 m (Tara Geraghty-Moats USA, 2016-10-09, L-N-USA)
Inrun length: 85 m
Inrun angle: 35°
Take-off length: 6.2 m
Take-off angle: 10.5°
Take-off height: 3.2 m
Speed: 84.6 km/h
Landing angle: 34.3°
Hill certificate: Hill certificate
Conversions: 1994
Coordinates: 44.255249, -73.965578 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
K90 (1994-...)K86 (1978-1994)

MacKenzie Intervale Ski Jump:

K-Point: 70 m
Status: project not realized
K-Point: 60 m
Further jumps: K10
Plastic matting: no
Status: under construction
Coordinates: 44.255233, -73.964651 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
K-Point: 18 m
Plastic matting: yes
Year of destruction: 2011
Status: destroyed
Coordinates: 44.257187, -73.964588 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
Further jumps: K48, K20
Plastic matting: yes
Year of construction: 1920
Conversions: 1927, 1965, 1979, 1994, 2019-2021
Status: operating
Ski club: Lake Placid Ski Club, NYSEF
Coordinates: 44.255347, -73.966058 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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Already around 1904-1905 Lake Placid Club started its ski jumping activities and constructed several small ski jumps. In the early years, around 1917, there were two 10 and 20 meter practicing hills at Golf Hill. The competition-ready 35 meter hill at Intervales was constructed in 1920-21 for $1736 and inaugurated with an attendance of 3,000 spectators on February 21, 1921. A record distance of 124 feet was set by Antony Maurer. Furthermore, Lake Placid Athletic Club operated a 15 and a 35 meter ski jump in town, close to the Olympic stadium, during that time.
Already in 1923 Intervales ski jump was enlarged into a K50 and in 1927 the conversion works for the 1932 Olympic Winter Games started for a total of around 35,000 USD. First, a new steel-made inrun tower with a height of 20 meters was set up, and then extended by another 3 meters in 1928. Furthermore, spectator stands were built along the landing hill of the K61 ski jump, which was designed by Godfrey Dewey, and also around the outrun. Around 10,000 spectators then witnessed a triple victory for Norway in the Olympic event on 1932-02-12: Birger Ruud claimed the gold medal ahead of Hans Beck, who set the hill record of 71.5 meters, and Kåre Walberg.
The large hill was reused without much changes also for the 1950 Nordic WSC, where Hans Bjørnstad claimed the ski jumping title. From mid-1950's on the annual Kennedy Games event was held at Lake Placid, sometimes with world-class international participants. Presumably in 1965 the hill was modernized as a K72 and in 1972 the Universiade student games were hosted there.
In 1977 the old inrun tower was demolished in order to rebuilt a completely new facility for the 1980 Olympics. The K86 and K114 ski jumps with steel and reinforced concrete inrun towers were designed by Marl Martitsch. The normal hill was completed and inaugurated in December 1978 and the large hill could be finished just in time for the Olympic test events in February 1979. The Intervale hills were then named after Ronald Malcolm MacKenzie, who had been president of the Olympic organizing committee, but passed away in 1978.
During 1980's both ski jumping hills had been part of ski jumping World Cup quite frequently and international summer events had been held on the K86, which was covered with plastic mattings in 1983. Around the same time the plastic covered junior hills K48, K20 and K10 were established. A further major event were the Junior-WSC in 1986.
The hills were modernized in 1994 and have since been re-profiled as K120 and K90. They are still regularly used for training and national-level tournaments, and once in a while also for international competitions. In fall 2011 the out-dated K18 ski jump was deconstructed and a new K20 hill was set up in between K120 and K40.
To prepare for the Winter-Universiade in 2023, both larger hills are being modernized for around 3 million USD. They shall be equipped with cooled inrun track systems by fall 2019 and also the profiles will be updated later on.

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Hill records K120 (Men):

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Hill records K90 (Men):

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Hill records K90 (Ladies):

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12)   Artur   wrote on 2012-12-06 at 11:00:

New summer ski jump

New summer ski jump:

11)   borek99   wrote on 2012-05-26 at 19:01:

Rekord Kocha

Rekord Kocha został ustanowiony podczas Zimowych Igrzysk Dobrej Woli, jakie miały tu miejsce w 2000 roku.

10)   Michał Dadej   wrote on 2011-11-04 at 17:59:

@rekord Kocha

Jest dodany do bazy danych, ale jest jest zaprogramowane, że wyświetla listę dopiero jak jest bodaj 3 rekordy

9)   Artur   wrote on 2011-11-04 at 14:33:

Nie widzę jednak żeby rekord ten został tutaj wrzucony, a wspomniałeś, że to uczyniłeś :)

8)   Artur   wrote on 2011-11-04 at 10:34:

Martin Koch - 133 m

Tutaj masz wycinek z byłej strony, na której były rekordy.

Jest tutaj uwzględniony wynik Kocha. To mógł być konkurs w stylu US Cup, które rozgrywane są tam w ostatnich latach.

No i Koch był wówczas w USA, co pokazuje ten filmik:

7)   Michał Dadej   wrote on 2011-11-03 at 23:06:

Hill records

Wcześniejszy rekord, wysnułem z wyników, które znalazłem, co myślisz?
Diether Thoma 121.5 m December 10th 1988 WC, ale co potem ?

6)   Michał Dadej   wrote on 2011-11-03 at 22:58:


Skąd wiesz o tym rekordzie Kocha nic nie znalazłem, oczywiście ufam i dodaje. Jakie to były zawody?

5)   Artur   wrote on 2011-11-03 at 22:34:

Martin Koch - 133 m

Adam Małysz raczej nie miał okazji skakać na tej skoczni, no bo kiedy?

Przed Veli-Matti Lindstroemem, rekordzistą tej skoczni był Martin Koch, który uzyskał 133 metry 19.02.2000.

4)   Michał Dadej   wrote on 2011-11-03 at 22:13:

Hill record

Jednak nie wiem kto tam skoczył te 133 metry, które wcześniej były rekordem :(

3)   Michał Dadej   wrote on 2011-11-03 at 22:11:

Hill record

Jako poprzedni rekord dużej skoczni chyba trzeba uznać 133 m Małysza

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