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Tim Norris Ski Jumping Facility

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Proctor Academy Ski Jumps:

K-Point: 38 m
Men Winter Hill record: 39.5 m (Jed Hinkley USA, 1997)
39.5 m (Jerry Carter USA, 2002)
Women Winter Hill record: 34.5 m (Jana Rand USA, 2002)
Plastic matting: yes
Conversions: 2021
K-Point: 30 m
Plastic matting: no
K-Point: 18 m
Men Winter Hill record: 14.0 m (Chris Jones USA, 1998)
14.0 m (Caleb Zuckerman USA, 2017)
Women Winter Hill record: 12.0 m (Renee Barnes USA, 2002)
12.0 m (Michelle Weimer USA, 2017)
12.0 m (Ayla Weale USA, 2017)
Plastic matting: yes
Conversions: 2021
K-Point: 10 m
Men Winter Hill record: 6.0 m (Danny Jones USA, 1998)
Women Winter Hill record: 5.0 m (Jazlyn Perkins USA, 2013)
Plastic matting: no
Further jumps: no
Conversions: 2021
Status: operating
Ski club: Andover Outing Club, Proctor Academy
Coordinates: 43.430207, -71.826252 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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The ski jumps in Blackwater Ski Area at Andover in New Hampshire are used by the ski jumpers of Andover Outing Club and the students of Proctor Academy boarding school. In 2021, works started in order to convert the K38 and K18 hills to all-year-round ski jumps with steel inrun tracks and plastic mattings. Furthermore, to honor the long-term coach, the ski jumping facility was named after Tim Norris.

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Hill records K38 (Men):

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Hill records K18 (Men):

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Hill records K18 (Women):

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Photo gallery:


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1)   Chris Weimer   wrote on 2017-01-22 at 15:54:

Hill Records


10- Meter Jump
J-5 / U-10 Boy's Record:
Danny Jones [ Andover ]6 Meters 1998
J-5 / U-10 Girl's Record:
Jazlyn Perkins [ Andover ] 5 Meters 2013 5M

18-Meter Jump
J-5 / U-10 Boy's Record:
Grant Reynolds [ Lake Placid ] 13 Meters 1998
Andrew Bliss [ Lake Placid ] 13 Meters 2002

J-5 / U-10 Girls Record:
Kai McKinnon [ NYSEF ] 10 Meters 2017

J-4 / U-12 Girls Record:
Michelle Weimer [ Andover ] 12 Meters 2017

J-4 / U-12 Boys Hill Record:
Chris Jones [ Andover ] 14 Meters 1998
Caleb Zuckerman [ Ford Sayre ] 14 Meters 2017

Women's Hill Record:
Renee Barnes [ Newport H.S.] 12 Meters 2002
Michelle Weimer [ Andover ] 12 Meters 2017
Ayla Weale [ Lebanon ] 12 Meters 2017

38-Meter Jump
J-4 / U-12 Boy's Record:
Bryce Kloc [ NYSEF ] 34.5 Meters 2017
J-4 /U-12 Girl's Record:
Sophia Reynolds [Andover ] 20 Meters 2015
J-3 /U-14 Boy's Record:
Sam Burke [ Lebanon ] 38.5 Meters 2002
J-3 /U-14 Girl's Record:
Casey Nichols [ Ford Sayre ] 29.5 Meters 2015

Men's Hill Record
Jed Hinkley [ Proctor ] 39.5 Meters 1997
Jerry Carter [ Andover/NYSEF ] 39.5 Meters 2002

Women's Hill Record
Jana Rand [ NYSEF ] 34.5 Meters 2002

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