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Papoose Peak Olympic Ski Jumping Hill:

K-Point: 108 m
Men Winter Hill record: 99.0 m (Jim Denney USA, 1976, N-USA)
Men Winter Official hill record: 97.5 m (Jim Denney USA, 1976, N-USA)
Total height: 140 m
Inrun length: 113 m
Take-off angle: 8.5°
Landing angle: 38°
Conversions: 1975
K108 (1975-...)K80 (1958-1975)

Papoose Peak Olympic Ski Jumping Hill:

K-Point: 60 m
Men Winter Hill record: 69.0 m (Georg Thoma BRD, 1960-02-21, OWG)
Total height: 110.7 m
Inrun angle: 33°
Take-off angle:
Landing angle: 39°
Hill certificate: Hill certificate
Further jumps: K40
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1958
Conversions: 1975
Status: destroyed

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The ski jumping facility at Squaw Valley, located west of Lake Tahoe in Sierra Nevada in the state of California, is a combination of three natural hills, which were constructed at a slope at Little Papoose Peak for the Olympic Winter Games in 1960. The ski jumping facility was designed by Heini Klopfer, ski jumper and hill architect from Oberstdorf, in 1957 and then realized in 1958. The pre-Olympic trial events could be held in March 1959 and afterwards the hills, which were located at the center of the Olympic Village, were slightly modified and finalized for the Games.
The Winter Games were then very successful for Germany: the ski jumping event on the 80-meter hill was won by Helmut Recknagel from Thuringia and Georg Thoma from Black Forest claimed the Nordic Combined victory, where the jumps were performed on the 60-meter hill. With claiming the gold medals, they both left the favourite Scandinavians behind them.
Unfortunately, after this great event the ski jumps were hardly used anymore. In 1962 the US college championships (NCAA) were held there, but then they dilapidated. For the U.S. national championships in 1976, the facility was renovated and even enlarged, but afterwards it again completely dilapidated. It is know that later speed skiing and snowboarding events were hosted there. Today, the ski jumping hills have long been naturalized and the slope is only used for alpine skiing.

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Hill records K108 (Men):

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