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Jungfernschanze am Steinboden:

K-Point: 60 m
Men Winter Hill record: 65.0 m (Birger Ruud NOR, 1937)
Year of construction: 1921
Operating until: 1964
Coordinates: 46.59033, 7.93577 Google Maps OpenStreetMap


K-Point: 33 m
Year of construction: 1945
Year of destruction: 1978
Coordinates: 46.60685, 7.92612 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

Schanze am Stutz:

K-Point: 30 m
Men Winter Hill record: 35.0 m (Walter Graf SUI)
Year of construction: 1922


K-Point: 30 m
Year of construction: 1922
Operating until: 1944
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Status: destroyed
Ski club: SC Wengen
Coordinates: 46.59033, 7.93577 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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Since 1910 there had been a very strong interest in ski jumping at Wengen and the whole area and so many smaller ski jumps just as the ski jumps at Lus, at the Neuendiele and at the Lärchhalte were built.
On 1921-03-04 the first provisional ski jumping hill at Steinboden was constructed and until autumn this one was changed into Jungfernschanze. On January 21/22 1922 then the opening competitions took place, where Samuel Brawand jumped a new Swiss record with 45 m. New Jungfernschanze was with a large gap the largest and most modern ski jumping hill of Switzerland, even before Julierschanze at St. Moritz. Later the Norwegian jumpers duelled at Wengen, where Reidar Andersen jumped a hill record of 60 m in 1937, Birger Ruud made 65 m outside of a competition. Not only great sport events tied spectators to up to 6 to 9 competitions a year on the hill, which even had two spectator stands and a judges tower, because a restaurant keeper sold glow wine and grog to the lots of people in the outrun of the ski jump. 1926, 1938 and 1947 even the Swiss championships took place here. After the ski jumping hill had been modernized in 1950, mainly in 1953 again some larger competitions took place, but enthusiasm in Wengen now was more on alpine skiing. Consequently the last final competition on Jungfernschanze has held in 1964.
Although in 1922 the ski jump at Stutz was completed, which was indeed not very long used. Also Silberhorn-Schanze at Lus was enlarged and improved in 1922 and then used as training hill until 1944. Additionally, in 1937 the idea to built a large hill ski jump up to 80 or 100 m came up in Wengen, but it couldn’t get realized, because of financial reasons.
Another ski jump that supported the ending of Jungfernschanze was 1945 built Männlichen-Schanze, which fulfilled the wish of good practising conditions nearer to the town, and even owned floodlights from 1950 on. This one was improved several times, but unfortunately destroyed by a dirt avalanche in 1978.

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1)   Nik Gertsch   wrote on 2011-01-22 at 22:50:

Fehlerhafter Text

Geschätzte Sportfreunde

über die Schanzengeschichte in Wengen stimmt das meiste. Doch die Jungfernschanze heisst Jungfrau-Schanze. Und die Männlichenschanze wurde durch eine Lawine nicht Moräne beschädigt 1978. Sie wurde bis ca. 1995 benutzt.

Danke für die Kenntnisnahme

LG nik

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