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Letalnica bratov Gorišek:

Hill Size: HS 240
K-Point: 200 m
Men Longest jump: 253.5 m (Gregor Schlierenzauer AUT, 2018-03-22, WC)
Men Winter Hill record: 251.5 m (Kamil Stoch POL, 2017-03-25, WC)
Inrun length: 133.8 m
Inrun angle: 35.1°
Take-off length: 8 m
Take-off angle: 11.25°
Take-off height: 2.93 m
Speed: 108 km/h
Landing angle: 33.2°
Hill certificate: Hill certificate
Spectator capacity: 50,000
Year of construction: 1969
Conversions: 1994, 2003, 2014
Further jumps: no
Status: operating
Plastic matting: no
Ski club: ŠD Planica

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The ski jumping-areal around the former ski flying hill Bloudkova Velikanka was established already in the 1930’s. That was a world record hill until 1948. The last world record on the Velikanka was rank by the Swiss man Fritz Tschannen in 1948 with 120 m. 12 years after the Austrian man Josef Bradl overleaped the 100 m-sign. In 1936 he jumped 101.5 m.
After the building of the Heini-Klopfer-Schanze in Oberstdorf in the early 1950’s and the following world records, it became clear, that the Velikanka could not fulfil the claims. Added to that, new world records were jumped on the ski flying hill Kulm, which was build in 1950.
Already in 1954, the first plans for building a new flying hill were developed. But not until 1968, the Slovenian brothers Lado and Janez Gorisek constructed the Letalnica. The giant hill was opened on March 19, 1969 and experienced in the following days a grave debut, because five world records in a row were jumped.
In 1972, the first ski flying-world-championships took place on the Letalnica.
It is an uncommon hill, because the jump-off is only in a height of 2 meters. That is uncommon menial for a ski flying hill. In addiction to that, the jump-off was placed 10 meters backward in the course of the conversation in the years 1993 and 1994, so the stem is extremely long and the hillside has got a slope of 33 degrees. The result of these character traits, the flying curve is very flush. This hill profile does not care technique mistakes on the part of the jumpers. Just as the system does not work, the jumpers have to land on the slope. Fortunately, there is upwind at the competition time, at the late morning, which Stanko Bloudek considered at the choice for the building place for the, meanwhile decayed, K120-Velikanka. As a result from this, even large jumps could be landed easily.
As already mentioned, the take-off was evacuated in the middle of 1990’s, to disarm the flying curve. In earlier years, the jumpers flow in a height of 15 meters. This had the effect of the extreme slope, which was not modified. For the parallel-style-jumping 20 years back, this was normal. But in today’s time and the V-style, Planica has got one of the steepest slopes generally.
After the building works, which were directed by the Gorisek-brothers, too, the ski flying-world-championships 1994 took place on the refurbished Letalnica. At these world-championships, the infamous 200 m-mark was snapped by the Finnish man Toni Nieminen. He stood the fly on 203 m and affirmed the rumours concerning the large jumps.
In the last years, only small conversations were accomplished. Most of them were made to fulfill the requirements of the FIS, but also to continue the world-record-race. So the hill radius was expanded, to accomplish jumps on more than 230 m. Every year, the workers excavate deeper into the slope. So that happened in 2003, to accomplish longer jumps. In 2005, the Norwegian Bjørn Einar Romøren flew 239 m, which meant world-record, at this time. Shortly afterwards Janne Ahonen jumped 240 m, but he could not stand this jump.
Romøren's world-record retained until 2011. In Vikersund, the Norwegian Johan Remen Evensen jumped 246.5 m on the Skiflyingsbakke and finished the history of the world-record in Planica.
In 2013 another conversion of "Letalnica" was started to enlarge the hill on K200 (HS 225). The inrun was moved back and completely renewed and the profile of the landing zone was adapted and concreted. In the course of the “Planica Nordic Centre” new stands were build and the general infrastructure was improved, in order to be able to serve the visitor masses of 100.000 ski-jumping-freaks on a ski flying-weekend. Therefore the traditional ski flying as World Cup final had to be shifted to the large hill in March 2014, but by end of 2014 the flying hill was finished. Now the question is whether it allows flights on more than 250 meters and a new ski flying world record.

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Hill records K200 (Men):

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Photo gallery:

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60)   Marco   wrote on 2017-03-25 at 12:20:

Stefan Kraft (AUT) 251,0 m und Kamil Stoch (POL) 251,5 m mit Schanzenrekorden (25.03.2017)

59)   Marco   wrote on 2016-03-17 at 20:23:

Korrektur: Anders Fannemel hat seinen Weltrekord von Vikersund egalisiert! Es bleibt bei einem Rekordspringer

58)   Marco   wrote on 2016-03-17 at 20:20:

Der Schanzenrekord von Peter Prevc (SLO) wurde zum Abschluss beim Skifliegen mehrfach übertroffen, es gibt jetzt sogar 2 Weltrekordler! Hier die neuen Rekorde: Andreas Stjernen (NOR) (17.03.2016) 249,0 m, Peter Prevc (SLO) (17.03.2016) 250,0 m, Anders Fannemel (NOR) (17.03.2016) 251,5 m

57)   Deutschi   wrote on 2015-03-30 at 13:03:

in Betrieb

Wenn ich mich recht entsinne, fand hier am vorletzten Wochenende das Weltcupfinale statt. Demnach dürfte die Schanzenanlage mittlerweile in Betrieb sein, oder??

56)   herbert   wrote on 2015-03-23 at 18:04:

Weltrekord möglich

womit bewiesen wäre, dass der WR auf der neuen anlage absolut möglich und der hang noch einen hauch größer als jener in vikersund ist.
bei rund 250m ist man dort absolut am limit.
die 248,5m konnte prevc hier noch recht locker mit telemark stehen.
mit "landung auf sicherheit" und der richtigen flugkurve sind nochmal 5-10m mehr möglich.

55)   Michael   wrote on 2015-03-20 at 19:03:

Wahnsinns Flugtag

Einen Wahnsinnsflugtag erlebten heute die Zuschauer beim Skifliegen im slowenischen Planica. Gleich 3 mal wird der Schanzenrekord verbessert. Der Rekord liegt nun 3 Meter unter dem Weltrekord, der Anders Fannemel vor 5 Wochen in Vikersund gesprungen ist. Michael Hayböck verbesserte den Rekord gleich 2 mal. Schanzenrekordinhaber ist jetzt Peter Prevc aus Slowenien mit 248,5 Meter.
Auch die Entscheidung im Gesamtweltcup bleibt weiter spannend. Durch den Sieg von Prevc liegt der Führende Severin Freund nur noch 44 Punkte vor Prevc.

54)   Michael   wrote on 2015-03-20 at 14:32:

neuer schanzenrekord

hab gerade erfahren, dass es auf der umgebauten anlage ein neuen schanzenrekord gibt. Rekordhalter ist Michael hayböck

53)   Christian   wrote on 2014-08-13 at 19:58:

Skilfugschanze im August 2014

Hallo zusammen,

war Anfang August 2014 in Planica um die Skisprungschanzen zu besichtigen. Die Letalnica ist noch eine einzige Baustelle. Der Anlaufturm fehlt noch komplett und in der Mitte des Aufsprunghangs wurde dieser um ca. 2 - 3 Meter tiefer in den Berg hinein versetzt. Bin gespannt ob die Schanze bis zum nächsten Skifliegen im März 2015 fertig wird.
Überhaupt war ich von dem Schanzenareal ziemlich enttäuscht, dass es noch nicht einmal irgendwelche Schau- oder Infotafeln gibt. Schon allein wegen des Skifliegens aus dem Jahr 2005 wären solche Tafeln angebracht. Wo doch Planica eine so lange Tradtion hat und dort fast alle Weltrekorde aufgestellt worden sind.

52)   555   wrote on 2014-06-20 at 12:37:

First hill record - Hill Test

Hill test was taken on 6th March 1969. Slovene ski jumper Miro Oman (then under flag of Yugoslavia) was honoured to be the to jump on the new hill. He jumped 135 meters from 2nd inrun gate and set the first hill recod on Velikanka (now Letalnica). (slovene language, page 4)

Miro Oman (YUG) - 135 meters - 6th March 1969

51)   Emil   wrote on 2014-06-16 at 19:31:

New Letalnica:

Hill Size: HS 225
K-Point: 200 m
Inrun angle: 35°
Speed: 108 km/h
Landing angle: 33°

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