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Skarpa wiślana:

K-Point: 44.5 m
Men Winter Hill record: 48.0 m (Janusz Duda POL, 1985-07-22)
Total height: 54 m
Tower height: 35 m
Inrun length: 55.5 m
P-Point: 38 m
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: yes
Spectator capacity: 7,000
Year of construction: 1955
Operating until: 1989
Year of destruction: 2010
Status: destroyed
Coordinates: 52.184866, 21.028696 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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The Skarpa ski jumping hill at Poland’s capital Warsaw was designed by Eng. Jeremi Strachocki. It was planned to be built in 1955, but due to high level of ground water and other problems the work was stopped and only accomplished in 1959. Skarpa was one of the first 20 plastic-covered hills in the world. For some time Warsaw used to be an important training centre, later it gradually lost its meaning - hills in the Polish mountains were later on covered with plastic as well and the Warsaw hill was becoming too small for professional ski jumpers. The last competition took place in 1989. In mid-90s the upper part of the inrun was deconstructed, but due to financial reasons the venue wasn't completely torn down. Later the area remained still open because the building under the inrun served as seat of a few small companies.
2010 the technical expertise decided that the hill poses a danger of collapse and has to be removed. The demolition began in the winter (while the companies under the inrun kept working). The tower should be gone by the end of December, later other parts of the construction will be torn down until end of March. The hill has to be deconstructed piece by piece because of surrounding blocks of flats.
In the beginning the hill was located almost at the edge of the city, but Warsaw was growing quickly after the World War II and Skarpa became a real urban hill, close to a subway station and the longest street in Warsaw, Puławska.

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Hill records K44.5 (Men):

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5)   Obiekty sportowe na Mokotowie   wrote on 2020-01-28 at 18:43:


Pod skocznią były boiska tenisowe teraz jest kupa śmieci i jedna siatka na korcie, który jest nieużywany od dawna, a wg mnie i innych można go uruchomić czyjaś bezmyślność czyni ten teren zaniedbanym i niewykorzystanym chociażby w celach sportowych. Osoby odpowiedzialne tłumaczą się, że sprawa jest w sądzie i nic nie mogą zrobić, a tak niedawno tłumaczyli, że Mokotów jest tak zadbany pod względem obiektów sportowych, a tak piękny obiekt niszczeje.

4)   Michal Dadej   wrote on 2019-02-08 at 00:02:

Competition from 1982

3)   Bremer   wrote on 2013-01-31 at 17:10:


Da sieht es schon konkreter aus.

Aber auf jeden Fall weiß ich jetzt, dass ich doch nicht falsch lag, als ich mir sicher war, hier schon was gelesen zu haben.

2)   wrote on 2013-01-30 at 22:06:

Weltcup in Warschau

Bisher ist es nur eine Idee, noch nicht wirklich ein Projekt (oder zumindest ist noch nicht mehr bekannt). Wir hatten aber einen News-Artikel dazu:

1)   Bremer   wrote on 2013-01-30 at 19:18:

Anregung an die Redaktion

Ich habe keine bessere Position gefunden, aber man sollte eventuell Warschau in die Projekte aufnehmen. Schon in diesem Jahr, als Auftakt der nächsten Saison soll im Fußballstadion Warschaus ein Springen auf einer temporären K90-Schanze stattfinden.

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