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Krucza Skała:

Hill Size: HS 95
K-Point: 85 m
Men Winter Hill record: 96.0 m (Antonín Hájek CZE, 2003-02-18)
96.0 m (Jakub Kot POL, 2010-02-18)
Further jumps: K20
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1924
Conversions: 1950, 1984, 1998, 2016
Status: out of order
Ski club: KS Lubawka

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When „Ullersdorf im Riesen­gebirge“ (today Ulanowice near Lubawka) was once German before World War II, in 1924 at Mount Krucza Skała the first 50 meter ski jumping hill was built up. The ski jump was used for the Olympic preparation of the German team for 1936 and the most important competition of that area were the Lower Silesian championships in 1931.
Then after World War II the jump was reconstructed and today, after some more conversions for example 1984 and 1998, it is know as the K85 ski jumping hill “Ulanowice” of Lubawka. The current hill record on the HS 95 is 96 m and is held by Antonín Hájek (2003) and Jakob Kot (2010), but in 2003 Hájek shall have jumped even on 97.5 m.
Since the junior competition in 2010, which was won by Klemens Murańka, the old-fashioned Krucza Skała ski jump hasn't been used and shall possibly be renovated from 2014 onwards using EU funds.
In November 2015, the Lower Silesian Voivodship was selected to organize the upcoming winter National Youth Olympics and hill on Krucza Skała was about to host nordic combined and ski jumping events. Due to this undertaking, the Lubawka local government received a subsidy from the provincial authorities, which allowed the construction of a new inrun, band and cosmetic improvements within the area of the landing hill and outrun. While modernization has been finished, the competition finally did not take place due to the lack of snow. However, the grand opening of the facility (27 February 2016) was made by the Olympic champion Wojciech Fortuna together with representatives of the local government and the Polish Ski Association.

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Hill records K85 (Men):

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Photo gallery:


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8)   skowron   wrote on 2016-02-29 at 09:45:

new photo

7)   Emu   wrote on 2014-04-04 at 12:56:

2012 sind einige Bretter auf dem Turm gestuerzt. Eine Gruppe von Kindern mit einer Lehrerin und einem Reisefuehrer ging auf die Schanze (alle au einmal) und fiel von ca. 5 m nachdem die Bretter gestuezt waren. Sieben Kinder wurden hospitalisiert, der Reisefuehrer und die Lehrerin wurden beide zur Gefaengnis mit Strafaussetzung verurteilt.
Die Schanze ist also zur Zeit eindeutig als "ausser Betrieb" oder sogar als "Ruine" zu klassifizieren.

6)   Cire   wrote on 2014-01-26 at 00:40:

Im Artikel steht, das die Schanze nicht mehr genutzt wird, bei Status aber, dass sie noch in Betrieb ist. Was stimmt nun?

5)   OjciecMarek   wrote on 2012-09-15 at 18:09:

Interesting thing - in polish sources about ski jumping hills there's confirmation about 97,5 m Hajek's jump in 2003, on the other hand, the only competition, that took part in 2003 was OOM (Ogólnopolska Olimpiada Młodzieży - Polish Youth Olympiad), and in news about this competintion on is information obaut 96 m jump performed about Antonin Hajek:
"W konkursie startowało także kilku zawodników z Czech, jednak nie zostali oni włączeni do oficjalnej klasyfikacji zawodów. Młody Antonin Hajek ustanowił przy okazji rekord skoczni w Lubawce, lądując w pierwszej próbie aż na 96m (K-85)."
"Few jumpers from Czech Republic also took part in competition, but their results weren't included to official results, young Antonin Hajek etablished new hill record of hill in Lubawka, performing a 96 m jump"

4)   stefan   wrote on 2011-03-24 at 19:48:

skocznia w Lubawce

skocznia bardzo piękna , szkoda,że nie ma obok niej jakiejś mniejszej by mozna było szkolić narybek

3)   Gość   wrote on 2011-02-12 at 14:11:

najładniejsza skocznia w Polsce

2)   Michał Dadej   wrote on 2011-02-08 at 22:12:


Ten artykuł ma numer ponad 600, po prostu nie jest przetłumaczony. Przetłumaczone są tylko główne skocznie do 605 bodajże artykułu

1)   Gracekch   wrote on 2011-02-08 at 21:08:


Tu również trzeba dopisać historie w języku polskim bo w innych językach jest

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