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K-Point: 45 m
Men Winter Hill record: 47.0 m (Arnfinn Bergmann NOR, 1958-03-30)
Year of construction: 1930
Conversions: 1932
Operating until: 1959
Year of destruction: ca. 1960
Coordinates: 59.961141, 11.319160 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

Gamle Ringstadbakken:

K-Point: 20 m
Coordinates: 59.963935, 11.317495 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Spectator capacity: 2,000
Status: destroyed
Ski club: Blaker IL
Coordinates: 59.961141 , 11.319160 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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In the late 1920's, ski jumping activists in the community Blaker and Sørum wanted to have a new, bigger ski jumping hill. And so, in 1929, a committee was formed, who was aiming to progress with the plans. After a suitable location was found and the necessary money was funded, the construction works started in 1930. It took 2166 Norwegian Crowns (about 205 Euros) and 937 working hours until Ringstadbakken was completed by New Year 1931.
The first winter was a snowy one, so four competition could be hosted. At the final competition, a total of 94 competitors were present. The competition was a pure success and Ringstadbakken became very popular all over the country. The year after, the inrun tower was rebuilt and the profile adapted.
In 1933, another participant record was broken, when 101 athletes participated in a Nordic Combined race. Besides the later record holder Argfinn Bergmann also the well-knwon Alf Andersen jumped here.
Also spectators were very curious to watch great athletes jumping on the hill and so approximately 2,000 spectators came from time to time. As well as the athletes, also the visitors came by train - special train connections were established, even from the capital, Oslo!
The hill was used for the last time in 1959 and demolished in the early 1960's.
Even before, there was another ski jump located in a forest aisle, about 100 meters North. It allowed distances up to 25 meters and also had grandstands and a wooden inrun tower.

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