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MKDPopova Šapka Попова Шапка

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K-Point: 30 m
Men Winter Hill record: 31.0 m (Aleksandar Stojanovski YUG, 1951)
31.0 m (Janez Kolishek YUG, 1951)
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1947
Year of destruction: 1951
Status: destroyed
Coordinates: 42.01169, 20.880069 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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The first and the only one ski jump in North Macedonia was built in summer 1947 at Popova Šapka, a 1780 m high peak and ski resort near Tetovo in Šar Mountains. The K30 ski jump there was opened on February 10, 1948. Beams for the construction were transported by horses from nearby village Jelak. The stone-made ski jump tower was quite big – it had 4 floors - and cans till be seen today next to "mal Jelak" ski lift! Ski jumpers didn't have special equipment – they jumped on wooden skis, so they often got injured.
Ski jumping there was quite popular – a lot of people were coming for competitions. In 1951 the Yugoslavian Ski Jumping Cup for young athletes was held. During that event Macedonian athlete Aleksandar Stojanovski and Slovenian ski jumper Janez Kolishek established the record of this jump – 31 metres. The ski jump in Popova Šapka existed only until 1951. Then it was destroyed, because nobody took care of the wooden parts of the ski jump and it was too dangerous to still use it.
In the next years local people tried to rebuild it, but authorities didn't allow that, because the former ski jump was too near to the water sources for Tetovo city.

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