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K-Point: 37.5 m
Men Winter Hill record: 39.0 m
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1961
Status: destroyed
Ski club: BSG Motor Nord-Ost Plauen, SG Dynamo Plauen
Coordinates: 50.469769, 12.171592 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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In Stöckigt, a southern suburb of Plauen, the construction of a ski jumping hill at Buchenberg started in 1959 as part of the national work program NAW. Before that, there was supposedly an opinion pool to decide whether a public pool or a a ski jumping hill should be build - and it seems the ski jumpers had the upper hand!
The hill was projected by engineer Willi Schröder, who had also lead the construction of Große Aschbergschanze in Klingenthal. With the help of many volunteers from the members of both sports clubs, and the support of local construction businesses for clearing, concrete and timber works, it was possible to complete the hill by end of 1961, though there were some tough weather conditions. An additional challenge was the construction of a floodgate in the outrun, since snow melting water used to form a pond there during spring. The judges tower was only a temporary structure, but sufficient.
Buchenbergschanze was then inaugurated on February 18, 1962 with the Plauen district championships of Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping, attended by around 3,000 spectators. In February 163, another open district competition was held with participants from Vogtland and members of the B national team of GDR.
However, the ski jump had only a short usage span due to a severe issue: It had an extremly short outrun, making jumping there was quite dangerous and causing many falls. For some time, a wood structure was installed as a counter slope, but it did not help much. Also due to winters with little snow, the hill dilapidated very soon.

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