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Hill Size: HS 66
K-Point: 60 m
Men Winter Hill record: 68.5 m (Dirk Else GER, 2001)
Ladies Longest jump: 68.0 m (Alina Ihle GER, 2018-08-09, L-OPA)
Ladies Summer Hill record: 66.0 m (Anette Sagen NOR, 2008-08-16, FIS)
Take-off angle:
Landing angle: 33.5°
Status: operating
K-Point: 38 m
Men Winter Hill record: 40.5 m (Dominik Kahl DDR, 1987)
K-Point: 20 m
Men Winter Hill record: 21.0 m (Bernd Blechschmidt GER)
21.0 m (Thomas Weber GER)
Further jumps: K10
Plastic matting: yes
Year of construction: 1949
Conversions: 1958, 1968, 2000
Status: out of order
Ski club: SV Fortuna Pöhla

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The first ski jump at Pöhla was 1932 constructed Albert-Lein-Schanze, which was first called “Luchsbachschanze” and finally given up around 1950.
By the end of October 1948 the foundation stone for a new ski jumping hill located on the "Hügel" was placed and already on n 1949-02-06 the ski jumping facility “Pöhlbach” was inaugurated. In 1955 a "national" competition was organized with an attendance of 3,000 spectators and West-German participants. Three years later the ski jump was covered with plastic mattings and on 1958-10-31 the very first summer competition was held with all of the East-German elite ski jumpers like Helmut Recknagel and Werner Lesser participating.
The old wooden inrun tower was torn down in 1964 and on 1968-10-20 the converted ski jump with a tower made of bricks, as well as the smaller jumps K10, K20 and K38, could be inaugurated. From 1974 onwards Pöhla was part of the "Erz Mountains Summer Tournament" together with Klingenthal and Oberwiesenthal (until 2011).
Another highlight of the ski jumping events at Pöhlbachschanze has been a yearly FIS Ladies competition hosted since 2002 on for a last time in 2002 converted HS 66 ski jump.
For only a short time there was additional to Pöhlbachschanze the on 1955-02-13 opened Richard-Jahn-Schanze at „Zigeuner“, which allowed jumps on up to 32 meters. There was a big refuge under its inrun tower.
Most famous sportsman from Pöhla is Olympic Gold Medal winner Jens Weißflog, who learned ski jumping on Pöhlbachschanzen, before he came to the performance center at Oberwiesenthal. Still today he runs an apartment hotel at Oberwiesenthal.

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Hill records K60 (Ladies):

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Hill records K20 (Men):

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2)   Marco   wrote on 2012-08-16 at 21:20:

Sorry, dies war eine Meldung, die nicht richtig war. Natürlich bleibt der Rekord von Anette Sagen. Bitte dies zu entschuldigen!

1)   Marco   wrote on 2012-08-16 at 21:17:

Der Sommerrekord der Frauen hat sich geändert: Svenja Würth (GER) knackte die Weite der Norwegerin Anette Sagen vom 16.08.2008. Sie sprang im Rahmen des Alpen-Cups am 29.07.2012 68,5 m.

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