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K-Point: 51 m
Men Summer Hill record: 60.0 m (Antonín Hájek CZE, 2005-05-08)
60.0 m (Lukas Havranek CZE, 2007-05-20)
Women Longest jump: 57.0 m (Janine Drechsel GER, 2007-08-14)
Women Summer Hill record: 54.5 m (Barbora Blažková CZE, 2015-05-17)
54.5 m (Jenny Noack GER, 2016-05-08)
54.5 m (Jenny Noack GER, 2018-05-13)
Tower height: 16.5 m
Inrun length: 58.5 m
Inrun angle: 35°
Take-off length: 4 m
Take-off angle:
Take-off height: 1.65 m
Ratio h/n: 0.48
Landing angle: 34°
Hill certificate: Hill certificate
Coordinates: 51.010894, 14.659347 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
K-Point: 28 m
Men Summer Hill record: 37.5 m (Sven Noack GER, 2005-05-05)
Women Summer Hill record: 25.0 m (Anja Rost GER, 2023-05-20)
25.0 m (Charlotte Starke GER, 2023-05-20)
Coordinates: 51.011018, 14.659426 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
K-Point: 11 m
Coordinates: 51.011337, 14.659187 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
Further jumps: K4
Plastic matting: yes
Year of construction: 1968
Conversions: 1973, 2004, 2014-2015
Status: operating
Ski club: SC Kottmar
Coordinates: 51.010894, 14.659347 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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On the 583 meters high Kottmar near the Eibau town district of Walddorf (today in the municipality of Kottmar), there was the first ski jumping hill as early as in the 1930s. From 1964 to 1968, the ski friends from Kottmar built a completely new ski jumping complex with three jumps in 16,000 working hours. The inaugural competition took place on December 29, 1968 in front of 4,500 spectators. Edgar Berthold from Neugersdorf, one of the builders, made the first jump. Winner was his club mate Lothar Pallmer, but the runner-up Peter Henke from Sebnitz jumped the first hill record with 49 meters.
In 1973, the two larger ski jumps were equipped with plastic mattings for summer jumping. Since then, every year on the weekend of Ascension Day, there has been a large summer jumping event at Kottmar with around 200 participants from three to four countries. During the GDR era, (later) ski jumping legends such as Heinz Wosipiwo, Hans-Georg Aschenbach, Henry Glaß, Jens Weißflog, Jochen Danneberg, Holger Freitag, and Matthias Buse took part. For the 50th anniversary of the ski jump inauguration, the 43rd edition took place in 2018.
In its more than 50-year-long history, the Kottmarschanzen have been continuously maintained. In 2001, the K50.5 was equipped with a ceramic inrun track and in 2004 the mattings on all three hills were renewed. In the meantime, the K51 Kottmarschanze has been modernized in the inrun and take-off and equipped with a metal track in 2014-2015. The other two ski jumps have received metal tracks with ceramic studs. In addition, a K4 mini jump was added.

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Hill records K51 (Men):

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Hill records K28 (Women):

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2)   Ronald Rothe   wrote on 2020-11-13 at 20:14:

Skispringen am Kottmar

Das Skispringen am Kottmar hat doch eine viel längere Tradition als erst von 1964 an. Die Sprungschanze wurde schon 1955 im "Ebersbacher Stadtanzeiger" erwähnt. Das Skispringen auf der Schanze hat eine Tradition aus den 20er oder 30er Jahren. Könnte man das Jahr denn hier nicht mit einfügen?

1)   Heiko Nitschke   wrote on 2017-04-13 at 22:41:


Rekonstruktion der Kottmarschanze 2014 bis 2015 Anlaufturm und Schanzentisch.
Kontakt: Ski-Club Kottmar e.V. Auf dem Kottmar 2
02739 Kottmar OT Walddorf
Tel: 03586-387129

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