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K-Point: 40 m
Men Winter Hill record: 41.5 m (Birger Ruud NOR)
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1920
Conversions: 1935
Status: destroyed
Ski club: SC Norweger 1896 Annaberg
Coordinates: 50.578480, 13.027382 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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According to the archives of „Annaberger Tagblatt“, on February 7, 1909 the first ski jumping hill at Pöhlberg was constructed beside the “butter barrels” by Ski Club of Norway 1896. This club is, by the way, the old ski club of Saxony and was founding father of the skiing federation of Saxony in 1907 together with seven other clubs.
After World War I ski jumping was becoming more and more popular, and consequently along the road leading upon Pöhlberg (831 m) at western side a ski jumping hill was built in voluntary work. In 1923 successful cham­pion­ships of Saxony were hosted there. At an exhibition com­pe­tition in 1929 several thousands of spectators attended 136 ski jumpers included in the start list and best distance was at 26 m. One year later the 30 meter border was reached and during an international ski jumping competition in 1931 the winner jumped a new hill record of 38 m. For the district championships in 1936 the ski jump was renewed and in professional handwork a 12 meter high wooden inrun tower with a top start place and a lower positioned starting gate was constructed.
Just as anywhere also at Pöhlberg ski jumping paused during war time from 1940 to 1945. In snow-secure winter 1946/47 some young jumpers renovated the hill in very hard work and even protected it at night, in order to keep it safe. Since there was no firing wood, people just went into the woods and this was also a threat to Pöhlbergschanze. The first club competition was a great success, but when sportsmen again wanted to jump one week later, the whole inrun tower was gone!
In early 1950’s a small inrun construction was built up, but it allowed only jumps on up to 30 m. Ski jumping business went until 1964, then the jumps was deranged. Ski jumping at Annaberg continued then in 1971, when Pionerschanze with plastic covering was constructed at northern side of Pöhlberg.

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4)   Cole Hanke   wrote on 2020-12-09 at 21:16:


is there any records of who jumped on this hill? My grandfather may have and id love to know his last name is Lohs

3)   Andreas Bau   wrote on 2019-10-20 at 18:52:

Pöhlbergschanze Annaberg ( erbaut 1920 )

Liebe Wintersportsfreunde,
Ich suche seit Jahren Bilder von dieser Schanze.
Selbst professionelle Ansichtskartensammler aus Annaberg und Umgebung konnten mir bisher nicht helfen.
Es gibt wahrscheinlich keine Ansichtskarten von dieser Schanze. Bestimmt gibt es aber private Fotos.
Ich würde mich darüber sehr freuen .
Andreas Bau

2)   Neubert   wrote on 2018-01-14 at 17:02:

Skispringen 1931

Hallo Springerfreunde
habe eine Erinnerungsmedaille von 1931 aus Messing-45mm
Durchmesser - Annaberg ,Vorderseite Springer und Berge,
Rückseite IV.Annaberg 1931 eingraviert. Verbinde dies mit
dem Skispringen auf der Pöhlbergschanze 1931
Wer weiß Näheres über diese Medaille ?
Würde mich freuen,wenn sich jemand meldet

1)   B. Zierold   wrote on 2012-01-17 at 11:14:


Hallo Springerfreunde !

Anläßlich eines Skispringens bin ich 1964 selbst dort gesprungen . Ich war damals zu den Kreismeisterschaften gesprungen. Es war eintolles Springen , mit sehr viel Höhe über dem Aufsprunghang. Der Auslauf über die Straße wa schwierig.
Suche Bilder von diesem Springen , würde mich sehr freuem Kontakte zu diesem Thema zu erlangen.
Ski Heil

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