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K-Point: 54 m
Men Winter Hill record: 55.0 m (Ulrich Rüb BRD)
Further jumps: K16
Year of construction: 1957
Year of destruction: 1970


K-Point: 25 m
Take-off height: 2.5 m
Landing angle: 30°
Year of construction: 1914
Conversions: 1932
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Status: destroyed
Ski club: SV Stegskopf Emmerzhausen

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Already in 1914 at the first big winter sports festival at Emmerzhausen with cup competitions the first ski jump set up at the northern slope of Stegskopf (654 m) by winter sports pioneer Siegfried Koch was used. With a take-off height of 2.5 m, a landing angle of around 30° and a 100 m long natural inrun jumps up to 30 meters could be realized - by jumping over a a path!
After World War I earl of Hachenburg reconstructed an improved jumping hill an in 1932 the new jump initiatetd by Willi Münker could be opened, but then dilapidated within the next war time and after war period.
In 1956 the ski club proposed the construction of a new ski jumping hill at Stegskopf and with technical support of teh Bundeswehr and voluntary day and night labour of the ski club members the new hill was completed in December 1957. The inaugural competition was held on January 26, 1958 and opened by the chairman of the chairman of the ski association of Rhineland-Palatinate with the proud remark, that this jump at Westerwald was not only the nicest, but also the largest hill of Rhineland-Palatinate.
The jump stood for more than 10 years, but with the enlargement of the feeder street for B54 the outrun was located directly in the traffic area and for jumping the whole road had to be closed. This problem, connected to other requirements and the out-dated falling profile of the jump meant the final closure of the hill in 1970.

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2)   Joel   wrote on 2013-08-13 at 20:47:

Hi Marc!!!! War auch schon an der Schanze und an der Skihütte.
Wohne drei Orte Weiter in Weitfeld. Finde die ieSchanze echt cool und weiß viel über sie.

LG Joel

1)   Marc Rosenkranz   wrote on 2012-11-21 at 14:16:

Kleine Änderung und Ergänzung

ich freue mich, dass ich etwas über unsere ehemalige Skisprungschanze im Internet gefunden habe. An einer Textpassage würde ich jedoch eine kleine Änderung anregen:
"einer neuen Sprungschanze am Stegskopf und mit" -> ändern in: "einer neuen Sprungschanze am Ortsrand und mit". Die 1957 erichtete Schanze liegt nämlich nicht am Stegskopf, weil der Stegskopf zu diesem Zeitpunkt schon Sperrgebiet war!
Im Übrigen gibt es unter ein Video vom Skispringen. Hierauf dard natürlich sehr gerne verlinkt werden. Ebenso gerne auf meine historsiche Internetseite über Emmerzhausen und den Skisport:
Bei Rückfragen einfach melden.
Gruß Marc Rosenkranz

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