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K-Point: 57.5 m
Men Winter Hill record: 61.0 m (Dittmar Hassler BRD, 1981)
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1969
Conversions: 1985
Status: out of order
Coordinates: 50.949648, 8.276871 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
K-Point: 37 m
Men Summer Hill record: 43.0 m (Marvin Hoffmann GER, 2015-06-21)
Women Summer Hill record: 39.0 m (Emily Schneider GER, 2017-07-09)
Further jumps: K10, K4
Plastic matting: yes
Year of construction: 1951
Conversions: 1953, 2009
Status: operating
Coordinates: 50.949474, 8.278475 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
Further jumps: no
Year of construction: 1951
Ski club: SC Rückershausen
Coordinates: 50.949474, 8.278475 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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Already short time after World War II a first provisional ski jumping hill was constructed at “Winterseite” in North Rhine Westphalian Rückershausen. After the foundation of the ski club in 1951 the planning of a construction of a real ski jump at Eichwald had immediately started.
The opening competition of “Lahntal-Schanze” which had a critical point of 35 m should take place on 1951-12-30, but due to a lack of snow it was shifted on 1952-01-13. More than a thousand spectators came to celebrate 50 ski jumpers who reached distances of up to 33 meters. In the following years many competitions and championships were organized and already in 1953 the enlargement of Lahntalschanze into a K45 started, as well as the construction of a junior jumping hill with K20. Henceforth the tournament for the Cup of the Prince (“Fürstenpokal”) was the annual highlight of the ski jumping seasons at Rückershausen, but a commendable youth work was done, too. Most successful ski jumpers were Ulrich Wolzenburg, Ernst-Otto and Karl Haßler. In the beginning of 1960’s even floodlights were installed, but then the ski jumps became ramshackle. In 1963 first plans were made, but only in 1968 the construction of a new natural ski jumping hill next to the old ones, which were still used as junior hills, had started.
On 1969-01-11 the inauguration of the new large Lahntalschanze K54 was celebrated and afterwards many competitions, but also championships and a local four hills tournament were hosted. It took until 1985 to do the next new-profiling of the hill into a K57.5, which should make jumps over 60 meters possible.
After the interest in ski jumping slowly declining until the millennium, in 2008 a modernization of the youth ski jumps had started. Finally in August 2010 both new plastic covered jumps could be inaugurated

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Hill records K57.5 (Men):

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Hill records K37 (Men):

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