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Schanze am Wildberg:

K-Point: 30 m
Year of construction: 1943
Year of destruction: 1945


K-Point: 52 m
Men Winter Hill record: 61.0 m (Max Bolkart BRD)
Inrun length: 45 m
Take-off height: 1.5 m
Year of construction: 1954
Year of destruction: 1974
Coordinates: 50.46710, 11.25438 Google Maps OpenStreetMap


K-Point: 35 m
Men Winter Hill record: 47.0 m (Jürgen Grebner BRD, 1983-02-25)
Year of construction: 1975
Year of destruction: 1997
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Status: destroyed
Ski club: TSV 1860 Tettau
Coordinates: 50.46710, 11.25438 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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At Wildberg (753 m) in Tettau there had been a natural ski jumping hill already between 1943 and 1945. It even had a wooden knoll after the take-off and distances ranged up to 30 meters. But since there was only little combustible materials in the years after the war, the wooden parts had soon disappeared and later held competitions took place on self-made snow hills.
In mid 1950's Turn- und Sportverein asked famous ski jumping hill architect Heini Klopfer for support with the planning for the construction of a new larger hill at Wildberg. A company from Essen installed the steel structure for the inrun and with 2800 hours of voluntary work by the members soil and clearance works were carried out, and take-off and judges towers were also built with personal contributions.
The inaugural jump was performed by Werner Knabner on January 15, 1956, while Leppert from Bischofsgrün won the competition with record distance of 57 m. Many cup and club competitions, championships of North-Franconia ski district and as highlights the inter-zonal competition in 1957 with World Class jumpers from Thuringia and Bavaria were to follow. Multiple German champion Max Bolkart and his fellows from Allgaeu came to Tettau several times and attracted thousands of spectators to Wildbergschanze.
From on 1970 there were even night events, which were annual highlights of club life. But with the construction of a ski tow at Wildberg interest in ski jumping decreased and the last floodlight competition was held in 1974.
With Werner Knabner as leading and committed representant of ski jumping at TSV, a new smaller natural hill was built. He coordinated the planning and lead the works of the 35 meter natural hill for the youth and nordic combined, and thus saved the life of ski jumping in Tettau. Remarkable is also the support of soil works by an American pioneer unit based nearby.
The hill was dedicated with his name and inaugurated in February 1975 and until 1997 many kinds of competitions for pupils youth and men were held there. Highlights were the championships of Frankenwald ski district or North- and Upper Franconian Championships. Meanwhile ski jumping at Tettau has come to a halt and only the still recognizable Werner-Knabner-Schanze reminds of old ski jumping days, when Wildbergschanze was featured prominently on post-viewcards of Tettau.

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