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Schanze am Hopfgart:

K-Point: 45 m
Men Winter Hill record: 49.5 m (H. Witting BRD, 1960)
Year of construction: 1959
Year of destruction: 1974
Coordinates: 47.66038, 11.29692 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

Schanze am Gstoagl:

K-Point: 40 m
Men Winter Hill record: 43.5 m (H. Krimer BRD, 1958)
Year of construction: 1952
Conversions: 1953
Year of destruction: 1959
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Status: destroyed
Ski club: WSV Schlehdorf
Coordinates: 47.66038, 11.29692 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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Interest in ski jumping became bigger and bigger in the small town Schlehdorf west of Kochelsee in the years after the founding of the ski club in 1925, because already in winter 1926/1927 the first brave jumpers used a small ski jumping hill at Karbichl. But there only distances around 20 meters, later 25 meters could be reached and so only the younger jumpers were quiet active and participated in competitions at surrounding towns, too.
After the ski club had to disintegrate itself in 1937, the later war was overcome and the US- American military government allowed building associations, in 1947 the WSV began reviving. In 1952 the first larger ski jump at “Gstoagl” was completed and in January 1953 the inauguration competition was hosted. In order to improve distances there, only one year later the jump was dismantled, replaced and a higher inrun tower constructed. In 1954 the Nordic ski championships of Werdenfels district were hosted there and in February 1956 the club had the honours to host the Nordic ski district championships of Munich. These championships had been organized at Schlehdorf even eight times until 1973.
In January 1959 a serious accident happened while preparing a tournament: When a phone wire was installed at the judges tower, two helpers got badly injured, when the wire touched a high-voltage transmission line running above the ski jumping facility. Luckily both survived after a longer stay in hospital, but this accident was the main reason why the ski club then started to build a new ski jump at “Hopfgart”.
The planning was done by Heini Klopfer from Oberstdorf and with free support of the US pioneer school at Murnau even 1500 m³ of soil were moved in the landing area by bulldozer and dredger. The opening competition was held on January 17, 1960, whereby the inaugurated name of the ski jump “Kochelseeschanze” never really was accepted by public and ski club. On Hopfgart-Schanze the last competition was organized back in winter 1974, what not only was caused by changing snow conditions.
With the construction of a new luge trail in 1968 the luge sport was developing so fast with the club, that not only Bavarian and German championships were given to Schlehdorf, in 1974 it even hosted European Championships. The highlight of this very traditional winter sport was reached with Elisabeth Demleitner, who won several European and World titles, was well was a bronze medal at Olympic Winter Games 1976 at Innsbruck.

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