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K-Point: 40 m
Men Winter Hill record: 38.5 m (Willy Gotthold GER, 1953-01-04)
Further jumps: K15
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1953
Status: destroyed
Ski club: SC Münchberg
Coordinates: 50.21089, 11.81641 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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Already in 1920's the Fichtel Mountain Club of Münchberg built a ski jump at Waldstein. It was inaugurated in March 1925, had a 5 meter high wooden inrun tower and permitted jumps up to 20 meters. In 1933 a new ski jumping hill was opened at Zigeunermühle, which dilapidated during World War II and was reconstructed in early 1950's by sports men from Weißenstadt.
In 1952 the only one year before founded Skiclub Münchberg leased a skiing slope at Hammerberg in the district Markersreuth with the idea to built up a ski jumping hill there. The wood for then inrun tower and the bridge over Ulrichsbach were made available by the town, but workmanship of these and hill profiling had to be down by the members of the club on their own. The landing zone was situated between two farms and workers bumped on stone which had to be detonated by a specialised company. But all these problems were dissolved and then the jump, which was planned by ski jumping hill architect Heini Klopfer from the Allgäu, could be opened on January 4 of 1953. About 6,000 spectators attended 50 jumpers from near and far and so the inauguration was a great success. The most known participant was twice German champion Sepp Kneisl, but its compatriot from Garmisch-Partenkirchen Gotthold won with 38.5 meters.
At the next tournament only four weeks later the world class jumpers from Oberstdorf with Max Bolkart, the later winner of Four Hills Tournament 1960, at their top started. The team from Oberstdorf should come several times for competitions and even an improvisational flood light event was hosted for them. A smaller youth hill and judges towers were additionally built, but the care and snow covering of the jumps were often very time-intensive, because it was situated in south-western direction and the number of idealists was decreasing, too. Bad winters, reparations, a lack of money and declining spectators numbers leaded the ski club into giving up this ski jumping hill. In 1958 the last ski jumping competition was held and two years later the hill was removed by a contractor. Today Hammerberg is totally overgrown and thus the former hill is not recognizable anymore.

Source and information: City Archive of Münchberg

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